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SECTION 1. Chapter 304A, Hawaii Revised Statutes, is amended by adding a new section to subpart B of part II to be appropriately designated and to read as follows:

"304A-   First-generation matching grant program. (a) There is established the first-generation matching grant program to be administered by the University of Hawaii. The purpose of the program shall be to provide private donors with a matching grant incentive to make financial contributions towards grant-based student financial aid for undergraduate students who demonstrate financial need and whose parents have not earned a baccalaureate or higher degree.

For the purposes of this subsection, "parent" means any parent or legal guardian of a student of the university or any person in a parental relationship to the student, as determined by the university.

(b) All appropriations and private contributions for the program shall be deposited into the University of Hawaii scholarship and assistance special fund established pursuant to section 304A-2159. Program appropriations shall be allocated by the university to match private contributions on a dollar-for-dollar basis. Private contributions pledged for the purposes of the program:

(1) Shall be eligible for state matching funds appropriated for the program and shall not be eligible for any other state matching grant program; and

(2) Shall not be eligible for matching prior to the actual collection of the total amount of the contribution.

The university may reserve an amount in the University of Hawaii scholarship and assistance special fund in anticipation of private gifts donated toward the program. Any amount reserved by the university for the program shall not negatively impact the availability of funds for other scholarships, grants, or financial aid provided from the special fund.

(c) The university shall establish an application process for the program, determine student eligibility for initial and renewal awards in conformance with subsection (d), determine the amount to be awarded to each recipient, and notify recipients of the amount of their awards, in accordance with established policies of the university.

(d) To be eligible for a grant pursuant to this section, an applicant shall:

(1) Be a resident for tuition purposes as determined pursuant to section 304A-402;

(2) Qualify as a first-generation college student under the criteria set forth in subsection (a);

(3) Be enrolled at the university for a minimum of six credit hours per term as a degree-seeking undergraduate student;

(4) Have properly submitted a Free Application for Federal Student Aid; and

(5) Meet additional eligibility requirements as established by the university.

(e) The award amount shall be based on the student's remaining need assessment after consideration of all other grants, scholarships, or financial aid whether from federal, state, or private sources; provided that:

(1) The first priority of funding shall be given to students who demonstrate need by qualifying and receiving federal Pell Grant funds towards tuition and fees per term; and

(2) An award may not exceed the university's estimated annual cost of attendance for the student to attend the university.

(f) Grant awards made under this section shall be determined by the university subject to the availability of funds and shall be disbursed no earlier than the start of a term or as determined by the university.

(g) The university shall report all awards granted under this section in its annual report for the University of Hawaii scholarship and assistance special fund as required by section 304A-2159."

SECTION 2. Section 304A-2159, Hawaii Revised Statutes, is amended by amending subsection (b) to read as follows:

"(b) Revenues deposited into this fund shall include but not be limited to state, federal, and private funds, funds transferred by the university from the tuition and fees special fund pursuant to section [[]304A-2153[]], [and] appropriations for the state scholars program[;], and state appropriations and private contributions for the first-generation matching grant program; provided that state funds appropriated for any scholarship program, including but not limited to the B Plus scholarship program, the Hawaii state scholars program, and the workforce development scholarship program, and all funds deposited into the fund for the first-generation matching grant program, shall be kept in a separate and distinct account."

SECTION 3. Statutory material to be repealed is bracketed and stricken. New statutory material is underscored.

SECTION 4. This Act shall take effect on July 1, 2525.

Report Title:

Higher Education; University of Hawaii; First-Generation Matching Grant Program for Resident Undergraduate Students



Establishes a state funds matching grant program for resident undergraduate UH students with financial need and whose parents have not earned a baccalaureate or higher degree. (HB2213 HD1)




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