H.B. NO.














relating to glass container recovery.





     SECTION 1.  Section 36-27, Hawaii Revised Statutes, is amended by amending subsection (a) to read as follows:

     "(a)  Except as provided in this section, and notwithstanding any other law to the contrary, from time to time, the director of finance, for the purpose of defraying the prorated estimate of central service expenses of government in relation to all special funds, except the:

     (1)  Special out-of-school time instructional program fund under section 302A-1310;

     (2)  School cafeteria special funds of the department of education;

     (3)  Special funds of the University of Hawaii;

     (4)  State educational facilities improvement special fund;

     (5)  Convention center enterprise special fund under section 201B-8;

     (6)  Special funds established by section 206E-6;

     (7)  Housing loan program revenue bond special fund;

     (8)  Housing project bond special fund;

     (9)  Aloha Tower fund created by section 206J-17;

    (10)  Funds of the employees' retirement system created by section 88-109;

    (11)  Hawaii hurricane relief fund established under chapter 431P;

    (12)  Hawaii health systems corporation special funds and the subaccounts of its regional system boards;

    (13)  Tourism special fund established under section 201B-11;

    (14)  Universal service fund established under section 269-42;

    (15)  Emergency and budget reserve fund under section 328L-3;

    (16)  Public schools special fees and charges fund under section 302A-1130;

    (17)  Sport fish special fund under section 187A-9.5;

   [(18)  Glass advance disposal fee established by section 342G-82;

    (19)] (18)  Center for nursing special fund under section 304A-2163;

   [(20)] (19)  Passenger facility charge special fund established by section 261-5.5;

   [(21)] (20)  Court interpreting services revolving fund under section 607-1.5;

   [(22)] (21)  Hawaii cancer research special fund;

   [(23)] (22)  Community health centers special fund;

   [(24)] (23)  Emergency medical services special fund;

   [(25)] (24)  Rental motor vehicle customer facility charge special fund established under section 261-5.6;

   [(26)] (25)  Shared services technology special fund under section 27-43;

   [(27)] (26)  Automated victim information and notification system special fund established under section 353-136;

   [(28)] (27)  Deposit beverage container deposit special fund under section 342G-104; [and]

   [(29)] (28)  Hospital sustainability program special fund under Act 217, Session Laws of Hawaii 2012, as amended by Act 141, Session Laws of Hawaii 2013;

  [[(30)]]     (29)  Nursing facility sustainability program special fund under Act 156, Session Laws of Hawaii 2012;

  [[(31)] (30)  Hawaii 3R's school improvement fund[]] under section 302A-1502.4; and

  [[(32)]]     (31)  After-school plus program revolving fund under section 302A-1149.5,

shall deduct five per cent of all receipts of all special funds, which deduction shall be transferred to the general fund of the State and become general realizations of the State.  All officers of the State and other persons having power to allocate or disburse any special funds shall cooperate with the director in effecting these transfers.  To determine the proper revenue base upon which the central service assessment is to be calculated, the director shall adopt rules pursuant to chapter 91 for the purpose of suspending or limiting the application of the central service assessment of any fund.  No later than twenty days prior to the convening of each regular session of the legislature, the director shall report all central service assessments made during the preceding fiscal year."

     SECTION 2.  Chapter 342G, part VII, Hawaii Revised Statutes, is repealed.

     SECTION 3The director of finance shall abolish the special account in the environmental management fund established pursuant to section 342G-84, Hawaii Revised Statutes, and shall transfer any unencumbered balance remaining, as of June 30, 2015, to the credit of the general fund.

     SECTION 4.  This Act shall take effect upon its approval; provided that the amendments made to section 36-27, Hawaii Revised Statutes, by section 1 of this Act shall not be repealed when section 36-27, Hawaii Revised Statutes, is reenacted pursuant to section 34 of Act 79, Session Laws of Hawaii 2009.








Report Title:

Glass Container Recovery; Advance Disposal Fee



Repeals the glass container recovery program. 




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