Honolulu, Hawaii

                , 2015


RE:   H.B. No. 1360

      H.D. 1





Honorable Joseph M. Souki

Speaker, House of Representatives

Twenty-Eighth State Legislature

Regular Session of 2015

State of Hawaii




     Your Committee on Transportation, to which was referred H.B. No. 1360 entitled:




begs leave to report as follows:


     The purpose of this measure is to increase aviation and harbor safety, as well as enhance the safety of operation of the Department of Transportation, by authorizing the issuance of general obligation (GO) bonds to fund the relocation of the Clear Channel antenna currently located near the campus of Honolulu Community College.


     The Department of Transportation (DOT) testified in support of this measure.  The Department of Budget and Finance provided comments.


     According to DOT, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has expressed concerns regarding the height of cranes used to offload maritime cargo in Honolulu Harbor and their proximity to operations at the Honolulu International Airport.  A major concern of the FAA is that the height of the cranes may jeopardize aircraft in the case of a "one engine inoperable" scenario where an aircraft loses power from one engine upon takeoff.  While DOT has reviewed options to address this concern including moving the cranes, obtaining lower profile cranes, and extending airport runways, none of these options have proved to be feasible at this time.  However, relocation of a radio antenna currently located near the campus of Honolulu Community College is an option that would address this concern and allow for a safe flight plan to be engaged in the case of a "one engine inoperable" scenario.  Your Committee finds that movement of the radio antenna is in the best interest of public safety.


     Your Committee has amended this measure by changing its effective date to July 1, 2030, to encourage further discussion.


     As affirmed by the record of votes of the members of your Committee on Transportation that is attached to this report, your Committee is in accord with the intent and purpose of H.B. No. 1360, as amended herein, and recommends that it pass Second Reading in the form attached hereto as H.B. No. 1360, H.D. 1, and be referred to the Committee on Finance.


Respectfully submitted on behalf of the members of the Committee on Transportation,