Joint Legislative Committee to Oversee the Investigation of the Department of Budget and Finance's Handling of the State's Investment in Student Loan Auction Rate Securities

Photo of Sen. Kim
Senator Donna Mercado Kim
Photo of Rep. Oshiro
Representative Marcus R. Oshiro

Senate Members:
  • Senator Shan S. Tsutsui
  • Senator Sam Slom
House Members:
  • Representative James L. Tokioka
  • Representative Gene Ward

S.C.R. No. 18, S.D. 1, H.D. 1 establishes a joint legislative investigating committee pursuant to Chapter 21, Hawaii Revised Statutes, to oversee the investigation of the Department of Budget and Finance's handling of the State's investment in student loan auction rate securities. The purpose and the duties of the investigating committee and the subject matter and scope of its investigatory authority shall be to assist the independent attorney in charge of the investigation by holding meetings and hearings as requested, receiving all information from the investigation, and submitting a final report to the Legislature.

  • Joint Special Committee Report (01/28/11)