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requesting the department of transportation to consider as part of its road usage charge, incentives for alternative fuel vehicles such as a discount or rebate.



     WHEREAS, the number of alternative fuel vehicles, such as electric, hybrid, or hydrogen-powered vehicles continues to increase in Hawaii; and


     WHEREAS, because of the increase in the number of alternative fuel vehicles, the State has experienced a decrease in revenues from taxes on gasoline; and


     WHEREAS, because taxes on gasoline are used to fund transportation infrastructure, the increase in alternative fuel vehicles has caused a decrease in funding for transportation infrastructure; and


     WHEREAS, in response to the decrease in funding, the Hawaii Department of Transportation (HDOT) is conducting the Hawaii Road Usage Charge Demonstration (HiRUC), which will implement a Road Usage Charge that would tax a vehicle owner based on the number of miles a vehicle has been driven rather than through gasoline taxes; and


     WHEREAS, the HiRUC will be a three-year demonstration project to allow drivers to experience paying a Road Usage Charge rather than gasoline taxes and for the HDOT to receive meaningful feedback on the program; and


     WHEREAS, drivers who purchase alternative fuel vehicles often do so because they do not have to use gasoline, and thereby avoid paying gasoline taxes, those drivers may oppose the implementation of a Road Usage Charge; and


     WHEREAS, in order to reach its goal of generating one hundred percent of its energy from renewable sources by the year 2045, the State should continue to promote and encourage the adoption and widespread use of alternative fuel vehicles; and


     WHEREAS, therefore, as part of the HiRUC program, the HDOT should evaluate and consider including incentives for these types of vehicles to reduce the impact of the imposition of a new Road Usage Charge; now, therefore,


     BE IT RESOLVED by the Senate of the Thirtieth Legislature of the State of Hawaii, Regular Session of 2020, the House of Representatives concurring, that the Department of Transportation consider as part of its Hawaii Road Usage Charge program, incentives for alternative fuel vehicles, which could include a discount or rebate from the Road Usage Charge that could be phased-out over a period of time; and


     BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that certified copies of this Concurrent Resolution be transmitted to the Governor and Director of the Department of Transportation.





























Report Title: 

Electric Vehicles; Alternative Fuel Vehicles; Road Usage Charge