FLOOR AMENDMENT NO.                                                                                     Date                                                                                     


TO:    SENATE Bill No. 976, S.D. 2, H.D. 1, C.D. 1


           SECTION 1.  Senate Bill No. 976, S.D. 2, H.D. 1, C.D. 1, section 3, is amended by:


           (1)     Deleting language that would have appropriated $100,000 out of the general fund for fiscal year 2020-2021 for a comprehensive planning study to review all state public library land sites and facilities to assist the State Librarian and Board of Education in identifying public library land sites for the pilot program; and


           (2)     Making a technical, nonsubstantive amendment for the purposes of clarity and consistency.























Offered by:                               

(      )  Carried



(      )  Failed to Carry



(      )  Withdrawn