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SECTION 1. Section 302A-801, Hawaii Revised Statutes, is amended by amending subsections (a) and (b) to read as follows:

"(a) There is established the Hawaii teacher standards board, which shall be placed within the department for administrative purposes only. The board shall consist of [fifteen] seventeen members, including not less than six licensed teachers regularly engaged in teaching at the time of the appointment, three educational officers employed at the time of the appointment, the chairperson of the board of education or the chairperson's designee, the superintendent or the superintendent's designee, a representative of independent schools, the dean of the University of Hawaii college of education or the dean's designee[;], and the chairperson of the Native Hawaiian Education Council or the chairperson's designee; provided that one teacher member shall be engaged in teaching at a Hawaii public charter school at the time of appointment and the dean's designee shall be chosen from the member institutions of the teacher education coordinating committee established under section 304A-1202, and two members of the public. A non-voting teacher candidate from a Hawaii educator preparation program at a public institution of higher education on a rotating basis shall be appointed by the chairperson of the teacher education coordinating committee to serve a one-year term.

(b) Except for the chairperson of the board of education, superintendent, [and] dean of the college of education, the chairperson of the Native Hawaiian Education Council, and the teacher candidate member, the governor shall appoint the members of the board pursuant to section 26-34, from a list of qualified nominees submitted to the governor by the departments, agencies, education stakeholder groups, and organizations representative of the constituencies of the board; provided that the governor may request additional names of qualified nominees from the departments, agencies, education stakeholder groups, and organizations representative of the constituencies of the board at any time. To the extent possible, the board membership shall reflect a combination of abilities, breadth of experiences, and characteristics that will best serve the diverse interests and needs of elementary and secondary school personnel and the education system in Hawaii from early childhood through higher education. Such considerations shall include but not be limited to reflecting the diversity of the student population, geographical representation, and a broad representation of education-related stakeholders."

SECTION 2. Section 302A-805, Hawaii Revised Statutes, is amended to read as follows:

"302A-805 Teachers; license required; renewals. [Beginning July 1, 2002, all new licenses shall be issued by the board.] No person shall serve as a half-time or full-time teacher in a public school without first having obtained a license or permit from the board under this subpart. All licenses and permits issued by the board shall be valid only for the fields specified on the licenses and permits and shall be renewable every five years for a standard license and every ten years for an advanced license if the individual continues to:

(1) Satisfy the board's licensing and permit standards and submits verification, in a form specified by the board, that the individual has completed activities specified by the board in fulfillment of each of the teacher performance standards established by the board;

(2) Show evidence of successful teaching in the previous five years through verification by a supervisor, in a form specified by the board;

(3) Meet the professional fitness requirements established by the board;

(4) Satisfy the board's requirements for renewal of licenses[;] and permits; and

(5) Pay all applicable license and permit fees in a timely manner.

The board shall randomly audit a licensee's or permit holder's compliance with paragraph (1) and may establish rules, pursuant to chapter 91, for the random audits.

No person shall be issued a license or permit, or teach on an emergency basis in the public schools without having first paid the fees established by the board in accordance with chapter 91.

The failure to timely renew a license[,] or permit, pay all fees in a timely manner, or comply with any other requirement provided by law or administrative rule shall result in the automatic forfeiture of the license[.] or permit. A person with a forfeited license or permit shall not teach at a public school until that person's license or permit is restored. Restoration of a license or permit shall require compliance with the renewal requirements provided by law or administrative rule and payment of all applicable renewal and late fees. Upon restoration of a person's license[,] or permit, the person may teach at a public school."

SECTION 3. Statutory material to be repealed is bracketed and stricken. New statutory material is underscored.

SECTION 4. This Act shall take effect on July 1, 2018.


Report Title:

Hawaii Teacher Standards Board; Board Permits



Increases membership on the Hawaii Teacher Standards Board to include a member of the Native Hawaiian Education Council and a non-voting public university student teacher. Clarifies that a permit is required for non-licensed teachers serving in public schools. (HB2352 CD1)




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