STAND. COM. REP. NO.  26-18


Honolulu, Hawaii

                , 2018


RE:   H.B. No. 1949

      H.D. 1





Honorable Scott K. Saiki

Speaker, House of Representatives

Twenty-Ninth State Legislature

Regular Session of 2018

State of Hawaii




     Your Committee on Health & Human Services, to which was referred H.B. No. 1949 entitled:




begs leave to report as follows:


     The purpose of this measure is to:


     (1)  Authorize a naturopathic physician to prescribe testosterone consistent with naturopathic medical practice;


     (2)  Clarify that narcotic drugs shall not be included within the naturopathic formulary; and


     (3)  Authorize the Board of Naturopathic Medicine to discipline a naturopathic physician for violation of the Controlled Substances Act.


     The Board of Naturopathic Medicine and several individuals testified in support of the measure.  Hawaii Medical Association testified in opposition.  Hawaii Medical Service Association (HMSA) provided comments.


     Your Committee has heard concerns raised in testimony regarding the usage of testosterone.  According to testimony received by your Committee, the use of testosterone may not have sufficient scientific evidence to justify applications related to anti-aging.  Further, the testimony states the usage of testosterone causes potentially harmful side effects.  Your Committee requests the Board of Naturopathic Medicine to address these concerns in its testimony to the Committee on Intrastate Commerce, if that committee chooses to hear the measure.


     Your Committee has amended this measure by changing its effective date to July 1, 3000, to promote further discussion.


     As affirmed by the record of votes of the members of your Committee on Health & Human Services that is attached to this report, your Committee is in accord with the intent and purpose of H.B. No. 1949, as amended herein, and recommends that it pass Second Reading in the form attached hereto as H.B. No. 1949, H.D. 1, and be referred to your Committee on Intrastate Commerce.



Respectfully submitted on behalf of the members of the Committee on Health & Human Services,