S.R. NO.













requesting the office of the governor to convene a bullying prevention task force.



     WHEREAS, all students have the right to fully participate in the educational process free from bullying, including cyberbullying; and


     WHEREAS, a safe and civil school environment is necessary for students to learn and meet high academic standards; and


     WHEREAS, bullying, including cyberbullying, like other disruptive or violent behaviors, inhibit students' ability to learn and schools' ability to educate students in a safe environment; and


     WHEREAS, keeping students and youth safe requires schools and youth-serving agencies in the State to establish and maintain clear and consistent policies and procedures to address bullying; and


     WHEREAS, because students learn by example, school administrators, faculty, staff, parents, guardians, and volunteers should be expected to demonstrate appropriate behavior, treat others with civility and respect, and refuse to tolerate bullying and harassment; and


     WHEREAS, protecting youth in Hawaii would be furthered by requiring all youth-serving agencies, public schools, charter schools, and educational institutions that receive state funding to establish, maintain, monitor, and enforce policies and procedures related to all forms of bullying, including cyberbullying; now, therefore,


     BE IT RESOLVED by the Senate of the Twenty-eighth Legislature of the State of Hawaii, Regular Session of 2015, that the Governor is requested to convene a bullying prevention task force; and


     BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the task force is requested to consist of at least eleven members, to be selected by the Governor, from a variety of educational institutions and community agencies that will be affected by the implementation of anti-bullying policies, including:


     (1)  Teachers;


     (2)  Administrators from educational institutions and agencies;


     (3)  School mental health professionals;


     (4)  Parents and legal guardians;


     (5)  Youth;


     (6)  Direct service providers;


     (7)  Clergy; and


     (8)  Youth advocates; and


     BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the task force is requested to create a model anti-bullying policy for use by educational institutions, youth-serving agencies, and grantees that provide services, activities, or privileges to youth on behalf of the State; and


     BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the model anti-bullying policy include:


     (1)  A definition of bullying, including cyberbullying;


     (2)  A statement prohibiting bullying;


     (3)  A statement that the policy applies to participation in functions sponsored by the agency, educational institution, or grantee;


     (4)  A code of conduct;


     (5)  A list of consequences, including alternative discipline approaches, that may result from an identified incident of bullying which are designed to correct the bullying behavior, prevent another occurrence or retaliation, protect the victim, and be flexible so that the consequences can be uniquely applied to the individual incident and varied in method and severity;


     (6)  A procedure for reporting bullying or retaliation for reporting an act of bullying, including a procedure for anonymous reports of bullying, provided that no formal response be taken solely on the basis of an anonymous report;


     (7)  A procedure for prompt investigation of reports of violations of an anti-bullying policy and of complaints of bullying or retaliation, including the name and contact information of the person responsible for investigating reports;


     (8)  A procedure of prompt notification of the parents or guardians of the student or youth alleged to have committed an act of bullying and the parents or guardians of the student or youth targeted by the alleged act, provided that if the administrator believes that contacting the parent or guardian would endanger the health or well-being of a student, they may delay such contact as appropriate;


     (9)  An appeal process for a party who is not satisfied with the outcome of the initial investigation; and


    (10)  A statement that prohibits retaliation against any person who reports or witnesses incidents of bullying; and


     BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that members of the task force serve without compensation; and


     BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the task force is requested to submit an initial report of its findings and recommendations, including any proposed legislation, to the Legislature no later than twenty days prior to the convening of the Regular Session of 2016, and a final report to the Legislature no later than twenty days prior to the convening of the Regular Session of 2017; and


     BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the task force be dissolved on December 31, 2017; and


     BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that certified copies of this Resolution be transmitted to the Governor, Chairperson of the Board of Education, Superintendent of Education, and Director of Human Services.























Report Title: 

Bullying; Cyberbullying; Educational Institutions; Youth-serving Agencies