S.C.R. NO.














approving the selection of Danny kaleikini to be inducted into the aloha order of merit.



     WHEREAS, Danny Kaleikini is a talented entertainer and humble philanthropist, who has represented the State of Hawaii to the world through music and song; and


     WHEREAS, for thirty years, Danny Kaleikini welcomed the world to the Hala Terrace at the world famous Kahala Hilton, combining music, his Hawaiian background, humor, and the Aloha Spirit; and


     WHEREAS, Danny Kaleikini has performed in establishments around the world, including Caesar's Palace as the opening act for world-renowned entertainers such as Paul Anka, Phyllis Maguire, and Alan King; and


     WHEREAS, former Governor John Waihee proclaimed Danny Kaleikini as Hawaii's "Ambassador of Aloha", a title shared with Duke Kahanamoku; and


     WHEREAS, since his retirement in 1995, Danny Kaleikini has been actively entertaining for special occasions, restoring the Kahaluu Fishpond, developing the commercially successful Aloha Ke Akua Wedding Chapel, and serving on numerous charitable organizations, raising nearly $450,000 for local charities; and


     WHEREAS, this body established the Aloha Order of Merit in 1993 to honor certain individuals, and section 5-7.6, Hawaii Revised Statutes, provides in relevant part that "[h]onorees shall have:


     (1)  Achieved national or international recognition in their field either by a single event or by the totality of their work that has been either pioneering in their field or that has been outstanding in the long-term; and


     (2)  (A)  Contributed to the attainment of statehood for Hawaii;


         (B)  Devoted themselves to the betterment of the State, embodying the concept of the Aloha Spirit;


         (C)  Provided extraordinary service to the State; or


          (D)  Brought honor to the State"; and


     WHEREAS, Danny Kaleikini has achieved national and international recognition as an entertainer, performer, and musician; and


     WHEREAS, Danny Kaleikini has devoted himself to the betterment of the State while embodying the concept of the Aloha Spirit, has provided extraordinary service to the State, and has brought honor to the State; and


     WHEREAS, Danny Kaleikini meets all requirements necessary to be inducted as a member of the Aloha Order of Merit; now, therefore,


     BE IT RESOLVED by the Senate of the Twenty-seventh Legislature of the State of Hawaii, Regular Session of 2014, the House of Representatives concurring, that this body approve the selection of Danny Kaleikini to be inducted into the Aloha Order of Merit; and


     BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that certified copies of this Concurrent Resolution be transmitted to the Office of the Governor and Mr. Danny Kaleikini.











Report Title: 

Danny Kaleikini; Aloha Order of Merit