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URGING GROVE FARM COmpany TO ALLOW KOLOA PLANTATION CAMP TENANTS TO REMAIN ON THE PROPERTY PAST THE EVICTION DATE AND to assign the tenants to designated affordable homes developed at Koloa Plantation Camp.



     WHEREAS, the Koloa Plantation Camp is a small, rustic neighborhood that includes century-old homes going back to the first sugar plantation days of Kauai; and


     WHEREAS, the residents include multi-generational families and seniors who have lived their entire lives in the homes; and


     WHEREAS, for the long-time residents, their homes are their childhood and the buildings are where they grew up; and


     WHEREAS, even though the buildings are old, the camp holds sentimental and historical value to these residents; and


     WHEREAS, thirteen residents of Koloa Plantation Camp on Kauai were served with eviction notices two weeks prior to Thanksgiving 2011, directing them to vacate their homes by March 8, 2012, and giving them about less than four months of lead time; and


     WHEREAS, eight of the thirteen tenants of the camp live in residential houses and five live on agricultural lots; and


     WHEREAS, the owner of the land comprising Koloa Plantation Camp is Grove Farm Company, which is proposing to develop a fifty-unit residential subdivision; and


     WHEREAS, Grove Farm Company turned down an offer by developer Peter Savio to buy the Koloa Camp Plantation land to sell it to the tenants; and


     WHEREAS, the Koloa Plantation Camp community has joined together as an organized unit to take action, claiming they are not against affordable housing projects, but that there are many reasons why Koloa Camp is a poor choice for this development location; and.


     WHEREAS, Koloa Camp residents have come together to form Save Koloa Farm to bring awareness to the potential loss of this island treasure of historical significance; and


     WHEREAS, Kauai County ordinances require that thirty percent of the units of residential developments are affordable units; and


     WHEREAS, the proposed development would destroy the last of the plantation era houses of Koloa and replace them with fifty modular affordable homes from China; now, therefore,


     BE IT RESOLVED by the Senate of the Twenty-sixth Legislature of the State of Hawaii, Regular Session of 2012, that the Grove Farm Company is urged to allow the Koloa Plantation Camp tenants to remain on the property past the eviction date and to assign the tenants to designated affordable homes developed at Koloa Plantation Camp; and


     BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that certified copies of this Resolution be transmitted to Grove Farm Company and developer Peter Savio.








Report Title: 

Grove Farm; Koloa Camp Eviction