H.R. NO.













commending and congratulating the BOY SCOUTS OF AMERICA Aloha Council on its 100th anniversary.




     WHEREAS, the well-being and greatness of our State and nation are due in great part to organizations such as the BOY SCOUTS OF AMERICA, which is committed to serving the public good by motivating and nurturing youths to become responsible, civic-minded leaders within our local communities; and


     WHEREAS, established in 1910, BOY SCOUTS OF AMERICA, is recognized for its excellent efforts to guide and nurture the growth and development of our youth in taking on new challenges; and


     WHEREAS, throughout history, the young men of BOY SCOUTS OF AMERICA have been encouraged to develop and act upon a meaningful set of values that reflect personal beliefs and incorporate fundamental principles of the Boy Scouts movement; and


     WHEREAS, the BOY SCOUTS OF AMERICA has continually sought to develop the potential of Hawaii's young men by encouraging Scouts to strive toward life's highest goals and train them to develop fine character qualities and provide great community service; and


     WHEREAS, the BOY SCOUTS OF AMERICA, ALOHA COUNCIL, has benefited from its participation in the Boy Scouts program for the past 100 years by gaining immense leadership skills, developing fine character qualities, and achieving scholastic and physical fitness; now, therefore,


     BE IT RESOLVED by the House of Representatives of the Twenty-fifth Legislature of the State of Hawaii, Regular Session of 2010, that this body hereby honors and commends the BOY SCOUTS OF AMERICA, ALOHA COUNCIL, on the auspicious occasion of its 100th anniversary, and extends its warmest aloha and best wishes for continued success and service to the community.












Boy Scouts of America Aloha Council 100th Anniversary