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CONGRATULATING Francine Honda as the 2009 hawaii High School principal of the year, tom kurashige as the 2009 hawaii middle/elementary school principal of the year, and ewa beach elementary School, momilani elementary School, and royal elementary School as the 2010 hawaii blue ribbon schools.   




     WHEREAS, in light of the important role the public education system plays in solidifying Hawaii's future, it is always a pleasure and privilege for the Hawaii State House of Representatives to recognize those exceptional individuals that have made significant achievements in education, inspiring and challenging the young minds of our state, and encouraging the people of the surrounding communities to become actively involved in their community's schools; and


     WHEREAS, Francine Honda, the principal at Kailua High School for the past seven years, has consistently demonstrated initiative, creativity, and productivity, fostering Kailua High School's growth in curriculum, instruction, and assessment through collaboration and personalization, and has appreciably increased Kailua High School's student achievement and scholarships, which earned her the recognition of being named the 2009 Hawaii High School Principal of the Year; and


     WHEREAS, Tom Kurashige, the principal at Aiea Intermediate School since 2000, has successfully commandeered the transformation of Aiea Intermediate from a chronically underperforming school into an exceptional learning institution that consistently meets Adequate Yearly Progress, and through his leadership, consummate professional skills, and passion for student success, has inspired his colleagues, staff, and students, which earned him the distinction of being named the 2009 Hawaii Middle/Elementary School Principal of the Year; and


     WHEREAS, Ewa Beach Elementary School, a model for America's Choice School Design, employs the most effective teaching and learning strategies to ensure that their students will become successful lifelong learners, and prepares students for middle school and beyond through their standards-based data driven academic program, and whose excellence is exemplified by the marked rise in their 2009 proficiency scores; and


     WHEREAS, Momilani Elementary School excels in all aspects of teaching and learning though collaboration and teamwork of its teachers, staff, students, and community members, and expertly delivers a quality education to its students through a superlative teaching staff, robust leadership, and maintaining a safe and caring environment, and whose proficiency scores have risen to an astonishing 98 percent in reading and 94 percent in math; and


     WHEREAS, Royal Elementary School inspires each student to strive for high academic achievement and challenges them to think creatively and critically and be independent life learners, and provides a safe, warm, and culturally sensitive environment to optimize learning, and whose outstanding staff and administration works tirelessly to encourage excellence and high academic achievement, demonstrated by their vastly improved reading and math proficiency scores, which rose from 42 to 76 percent and from 25 to 70 percent, respectively, from 2007 to 2009; and


     WHEREAS, Ewa Beach Elementary School, Momilani Elementary School, and Royal Elementary School were named Hawaii's 2010 Blue Ribbon Schools for making significant progress in closing the achievement gap and inspiring and guiding its students to achievements at their highest levels possible; now, therefore,


     BE IT RESOLVED by the House of Representatives of the Twenty-fifth Legislature of the State of Hawaii, Regular Session of 2010, that this body hereby recognizes, congratulates, and honors Francine Honda, the 2009 High School Principal of the Year, Tom Kurashige, the 2009 Middle/Elementary School Principal of the Year, and Ewa Beach Elementary, Momilani Elementary, and Royal Elementary, Hawaii's 2001 Blue Ribbons Schools, and extends to all of them its sincere mahalo and best wishes for continued success. 









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Congratulating Francine Honda as the 2009 Hawaii High School Principal of the Year, Tom Kurashige as the 2009 Hawaii Middle/Elementary School Principal of the Year, and Ewa Beach Elementary School, Momilani Elementary School, and Royal Elementary School as the 2010 Hawaii Blue Ribbon Schools.