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congratulating Karen Heresa as Hawaii's 2008 Milken award winner, and KAPALAMA Elementary school, KAIMUKI MIDDLE school, and LANAKILA elementary school as the 2009 blue ribbon schools of the state of hawaii.




†††† WHEREAS, in light of the important role the public education system plays in solidifying Hawaii's future, it is always a pleasure and privilege for the Hawaii State House of Representatives to recognize exceptional people who have made significant achievements in education, who inspire our state's youth, and who encourage the people of the surrounding communities and to become involved in their community's schools; and


†††† WHEREAS, Karen Heresa, a special education teacher at Wilcox Elementary for the past fourteen years, co-created the school's Hawaiian Values Character Education Program in 1990 and has an enthusiasm for learning that has translated into huge gains in student achievement as exhibited in The Hawaii State Assessment test scores, student progress reports, portfolios, and class work, has earned the distinguished honor of being named Hawaii's 2008 Milken Award winner; and


†††† WHEREAS, Kapalama Elementary School consider its mission to help all children by providing an environment that challenges and nurtures students to become literate, responsible, and caring citizens who will be active contributors to society; and


†††† WHEREAS, Kaimuki Middle School; a place with heart that challenges mind, body, and spirit through "a positive learning environment that meets the unique needs of adolescents and their supporters", has adopted the General Learner Outcomes (GLOs) schoolwide. †The GLOs serve as the essential overarching goals for all grade levels' academic disciplines with every content

standard and every benchmark supporting the learnerís progress towards these outcomes, enabling learners to lead full and productive lives; and


†††† WHEREAS, Lanakila Elementary School, whose educational programs provide for all children including gifted and talented, disadvantaged, special education, limited English proficiency and early childhood education, believes that all students can and want to learn and that a public school education can provide the foundation for a productive future. The professional school staff provides high quality, standards-based instruction with the support of active and meaningful parent participation and community support; and


†††† WHEREAS, Kapalama Elementary School, Kaimuki Middle School, and Lanakila Elementary School were named Hawaii's 2009 Blue Ribbon Schools for making significant progress in closing the achievement gap and inspiring and guiding its students to achievements at their highest levels possible; now, therefore,


†††† BE IT RESOLVED by the House of Representatives of the Twenty-fifth Legislature of the State of Hawaii, Regular Session of 2009, that this body hereby recognizes, congratulates, and honors Karen Heresa, Hawaii's 2008 Milken Award winner, and Kapalama Elementary School, Kaimuki Middle School, and Lanakila Elementary School as Hawaii's 2009 Blue Ribbon Schools, and extends to all of them its sincere mahalo for a job well done.









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2008 Milken Award and 2009 Blue Ribbon Schools