Rep. Cindy Evans, Chair

Rep. Sharon E. Har, Vice Chair


Rep. Marilyn B. Lee

Rep. Joseph M. Souki

Rep. Sylvia Luke

Rep. Dwight Y. Takamine

Rep. Angus L.K. McKelvey

Rep. Roy M. Takumi

Rep. Bob Nakasone

Rep. Lynn Finnegan

Rep. Scott Y. Nishimoto

Rep. Kymberly Marcos Pine

Rep. Alex M. Sonson






Thursday February 07, 2008


8:45 a.m.


Conference Room 309

State Capitol

415 South Beretania Street







HB 2008                                               RELATING TO THE DEPARTMENT OF PUBLIC SAFETY.                          PSM, FIN

                                                              Repeals section 353-32, Hawaii Revised Statutes, which provides that gifts

                                                              of money or property donated to the department of public safety must be

                                                              deposited in the state treasury and reported to the legislature by the department



HB 2009                                               RELATING TO CORRECTIONS                                                                          PSM, FIN

                                                              Repeals section 353-33, Hawaii Revised Statutes, which establishes the

                                                              correctional program revolving fund for the purpose of offsetting the cost of

                                                              providing programs for inmates.


HB 2146                                               RELATING TO PUBLIC SAFETY                                                                        PSM, FIN

                                                              Requires the department of public safety to establish performance indicators

                                                               to ensure that the department is in compliance with the Community Safety Act

                                                               of 2007. Requires monthly reports to the legislature, using key performance

                                                              indicators, such as inmate drug test failure rates, educational goals achieved,

                                                              reentry plans, post-incarceration employment, victim restitution paid, and

                                                              recidivism rates.


HB 2685                                               RELATING TO PUBLIC SAFETY                                                                        PSM, FIN

                                                              Directs the department of public safety and the office of planning to plan and

                                                              design the construction and operation of a new minimum security facility at the

                                                               site of the existing Oahu community correctional facility.


HB 2945                                               RELATING TO PRISONS                                                                                      PSM, FIN

                                                              Directs the department of public safety to increase its use of a programs

                                                              approach to case management and adopt a policy mandating all inmates to

                                                              participate in in-facility programs. Appropriates funds to increase inmate

                                                              worklines at correctional facilities and in the community.




HB 3426                                               RELATING TO COGNITIVE RESTRUCTURING                                             PSM, FIN

                                                              Appropriates funds for the Department of Public Safety to provide

                                                              reintegration programs thatcombine cognitive behavioral theory with

                                                              Native Hawaiian holistic interventions that address domestic violence,

                                                              addictions, self mastery through identity, and community connections for

                                                              successful transitions back into the community.


HB 1989                                               RELATING TO VETERANS                                                                                 PSM, FIN

                                                              Requires director of office of veterans' services to deposit gifts into an

                                                              Account in the state treasury to be known as the veterans' gift trust fund.


HB 3019                                               RELATING TO VETERANS                                                                                 PSM, FIN

                                                              Establishes a veterans bonus for qualifying veterans.


HB 2160                                               RELATING TO EMERGENCIES                                                                          PSM, FIN

                                                              Establishes an emergency advisory radio station pilot project on the

                                                              island of Hawaii


HB 2787                                               RELATING TO CIVIL DEFENSE                                                                         PSM, FIN

                                                              Requires the civil defense division to include in the state preparedness report

                                                              a plan for providing incident-specific notice for each community.


HB 2207                                               MAKING AN APPROPRIATION FOR DISASTER RELIEF                             PSM, FIN

                                                              Appropriates moneys to maximize available federal reimbursements to

                                                               assist Hawaii county with earthquake recovery efforts.


HB 2740                                               RELATING TO THE COUNTY OF MAUI                                                         PSM, FIN

                                                              Appropriates moneys to Maui county for fiscal year 2008-2009 for damage

                                                              repair and mitigation projects necessary as a result of the winter storms of

                                                              December 2007.


HB 2610                                                 RELATING TO THE NATIONAL GUARD                                                      PSM, FIN

                                                              Increases uniform maintenance allowance from $1.50 to $10 per day, not to

                                                               exceed $150 per year.


HB 3024                                               RELATING TO CONSUMER CREDIT                                                                                PSM, CPC

                                                              Requires financial institutions and creditors that extend consumer credit

                                                              to the members of     the armed forces or reserves on active duty and their

                                                              dependents, to conform their lending practices to the federal John Warner

                                                              National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2007, as amended,

                                                              relating to the terms of consumer credit extended to the military and their

                                                              dependents, including maximum annual percentage rates and required



HB 2306                                               RELATING TO GENERAL EXCISE TAXATION                                              PSM, FIN

                                                              Exempts from the general excise tax amounts received by managed care

                                                              support contractors as reimbursements of costs or advances made pursuant to

                                                              a contract for the administration of the    federal TRICARE program.



HB 3402                                               RELATING TO CIVIL DEFENSE                                                                         PSM, WLH

                                                              Provides an exemption from county permitting requirements for civil

                                                               defense sirens installation.


HB 3112                                               RELATING TO CIVIL DEFENSE                                                                         PSM, JUD

                                                              Supports State Civil Defense’s Shelter-in-Place initiative by exempting

                                                              civil liability for care homes and schools, in addition to hotels, during an

                                                              officially designated emergency.


HB 2555                                               MAKING AN APPROPRIATION FOR THE HAWAII CIVIL AIR                 PSM, FIN


                                                              Makes appropriation for expenses of the Hawaii wing, civil air patrol.

HB 2577                                               RELATING TO TRANSPORTATION                                                                 TRN, PSM, FIN

                                                              Requires the administrator of the Maui County Civil Defense Agency to

                                                              develop a contingency plan to maintain transportation access along Hana

                                                              highway, including its many bridges, on the island of Maui in the event of

                                                              catastrophic events such as earthquakes,                 landslides, or flooding. Report to

                                                              legislature. Appropriates $ (HB2577 HD1)




Persons wishing to offer comments should submit testimony at least 24 hours prior to the hearing with a transmittal cover indicating:

·     Testifier's name with position/title and organization;

·     The Committee the comments are directed to;

·     The date and time of the hearing;

·     Measure number; and

·     The number of copies the Committee is requesting. 


While every effort will be made to copy, organize, and collate all testimony received, materials received on the day of the hearing or improperly identified or directed to the incorrect office, may be distributed to the Committee after the hearing.


Submit testimony in ONE of the following ways:

PAPER:    5 copies (including an original) to Room 313 in the State Capitol; or

FAX:        For comments less than 5 pages in length, transmit to Vice Chairs office at 586-8504.

EMAIL:    For comments less than 5 pages in length, transmit to


Testimony submitted will be placed on the Legislative Web site after the hearing adjourns.  This public posting of testimony on the Web site should be considered when including personal information in your testimony.


If you require special assistance or auxiliary aids and/or services to participate in the House public hearing process (i.e., sign or foreign language interpreter or wheelchair accessibility), please contact the Committee Clerk at 586-6400 or email your request for an interpreter to at least 24 hours prior to the hearing for arrangements.  Prompt requests submitted help to ensure the availability of qualified individuals and appropriate accommodations.


Selected meetings are broadcast live.  Check the current legislative broadcast schedule on the "Capitol TV" Web site at OR call 550-8074.





Rep. Cindy Evans