Hawaii State Legislature
2004 Legislative Session

HB2876 HD1

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Report Title: State Health Authority ($)
Description: Establishes the State Health Authority to provide health care for all Hawaii citizens. Establishes the State Health Authority Commission to determine the costs of the Authority, and to determine a financing mechanism to carry out the purpose of the Authority. Repeals the State Health Planning and Development Agency and transfers its functions to the Authority. (HB2876 HD1)
Package: None
Introducer(s): ARAKAKI, KAHIKINA, M. Oshiro, Takamine, Takumi
Current Referral:LAB/HLT, CPC, FIN

Date Status Text
1/28/2004HIntroduced and Pass First Reading
2/2/2004HReferred to LAB/HLT, CPC, FIN, referral sheet 6
1/30/2004HBill scheduled to be heard by LAB/HLT on Tuesday, 02-03-04 at 9:00 am in House conference room 309.
2/3/2004HThe committee(s) recommends that the measure be deferred until 2/10/2004 at 8:30 AM.
2/5/2004HBill scheduled for decision making on Tuesday, 02-10-04 at 8:30 am in conference room 309.
2/10/2004HThe committees on LAB recommend that the measure be PASSED, WITH AMENDMENTS. The votes were as follows: 5 Ayes: Representative(s) M. Oshiro, Nakasone, Caldwell; Ayes with reservations: Representative(s) Blundell, Moses; 0 Noes: none; and 4 Excused: Representative(s) Ito, Mindo, Souki, Pendleton.
2/10/2004HThe committees on HLT recommend that the measure be PASSED, WITH AMENDMENTS. The votes were as follows: 5 Ayes: Representative(s) Arakaki, Nishimoto, Hale, Shimabukuro; Ayes with reservations: Representative(s) Finnegan; 0 Noes: none; and 3 Excused: Representative(s) Kahikina, Ching, Stonebraker.
2/13/2004HReported from the committee on LAB/HLT (Stand. Com. Rep. No. 160-04) as amended in (HD 1), recommending passage on Second Reading and referral to the committee on CPC.
2/13/2004HPassed Second Reading as amended in (HD 1) and referred to the committee(s) on CPC with Representative(s) Blundell, Fox, Jernigan, Meyer, Moses, Ontai, Pendleton, Stonebraker voting no and Representative(s) Tamayo excused.

$ = Appropriation measure
ConAm = Constitutional Amendment