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urging the federal trade commission to investigate and take action against the use of unsolicited pornographic popup advertisements.


WHEREAS, the Federal Trade Commission's (FTC) primary mission is to protect consumers which includes enforcing federal consumer protection laws to combat telemarketing fraud, Internet scams, and price-fixing schemes; and

WHEREAS, the FTC has taken action in the past against cyberscammers who divert Internet users to their web sites and hold them captive while their screens are pelted with a barrage of advertisements; and

WHEREAS, these cyberscammers can make up to $800,000 to $1,000,000 annually by charging advertisers whose banner advertisements and affiliate programs are included on their web sites; and

WHEREAS, these cyberscammers also use unsolicited popup windows that contain advertisements in such areas as gambling, psychics, lotteries, and pornography, exposing all Internet users, including children, to inappropriate and unsolicited images; and

WHEREAS, the Internet has become not only a commercial resource but also a tremendous educational resource for our children, and we must strive to protect them from inappropriate images, including, most importantly, sexually explicit material; now, therefore,

BE IT RESOLVED by the Senate of the Twenty-Second Legislature of the State of Hawaii, Regular Session of 2004, that the Federal Trade Commission is strongly urged to investigate and take action against the use of unsolicited pornographic popup advertisements; and

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that certified copies of this Resolution be transmitted to the chairperson of the Federal Trade Commission, the director of the Federal Trade Commission's Western Region office, and the director of the Federal Trade Commission's Bureau of Consumer Protection.






Report Title:

Urging the Federal Trade Commission to investigate pornographic popup advertisements.