Report Title:

$150.6 Million GO Bonds and Appropriation; UH West Oahu Campus


Authorizes issuance of $150.6 million in general obligation bonds during fiscal biennium 2003-2005 to finance the three phases of construction of UH-West Oahu campus facilities; provides preference on construction contracts for this project to companies primarily located and operating within Hawaii. (SD1)


S.B. NO.



S.D. 1






authorizing the issuance of general obligation bonds and making an appropriation for plans, design, and construction of the university of hawaii-west oahu campus facilities.




SECTION 1. The director of finance is authorized to issue general obligation bonds in the following sums, or so much thereof as may be necessary, and the following sums, or so much thereof as may be necessary, are appropriated for fiscal biennium 2003-2005 for plans, design, and construction of the University of Hawaii-West Oahu campus facilities to be located on the 500-acre Kapolei makai site in Kapolei, Oahu approved for acquisition at the September 13, 2002, meeting of the University of Hawaii board of regents:

Phase I $31,700,000

Phase II $63,500,000

Phase III $55,400,000

Total Funding $150,600,000

SECTION 2. The appropriations made for the capital improvement project authorized by this Act shall not lapse at the end of the fiscal year for which the appropriation is made; provided that all moneys from the appropriations unencumbered as of June 30, 2007, shall lapse as of that date.

SECTION 3. The sums appropriated shall be expended by the University of Hawaii for the purposes of this Act.

SECTION 4. Preference to in-state contractors on construction contracts. (a) Notwithstanding the provisions of chapter 103D, Hawaii Revised Statutes, in awarding construction contracts for the purposes of this Act, preference shall be given to contractors who affirm that:

(1) On the date of any award of a contract, they are licensed to conduct business and other activities in the State as a domestic corporation, in good standing, and in full compliance with registration requirements and all tax, wage and hour, employment, insurance, workers’ compensation, and employee health and benefits laws of the State; and

(2) At least seventy-five per cent of their workforce consists of state residents. For purposes of this paragraph, a person shall be deemed to be a "state resident" if the person has lived continuously in the State for a period of six months prior to the awarding of the contract, and has not established residency in another state by living continuously therein or filing tax returns in that jurisdiction during that time.

(b) For any construction contract covered by this Act, the university shall award the contract to an offeror who has met the conditions set forth in this section; provided that the amount of that offer is not more than seven per cent higher than the amount offered by any competing contractor who has not met the conditions of subsection (a).

(c) Any contractor found to have made a false affirmation under this section may have its offer rejected or its contract terminated by the university.

(d) If any federal statute or regulation precludes the granting of federal assistance or reduces the amount of that assistance for a particular project because of preference awarded by this section, this section shall not apply insofar as its application would preclude or reduce federal assistance to the university.

SECTION 5. This Act shall take effect on July 1, 2003.