Report Title:

CIP; 20th Senatorial District



Appropriates funds for capital improvement projects for the benefit of the 20th senatorial district.


S.B. NO.









relating to capital improvement projects for the benefit of the twentieth senatorial district.



SECTION 1. The following sums, or so much thereof as shall be sufficient to finance the projects listed in this Act, are hereby appropriated out of the general revenues of the State of Hawaii for fiscal year 2003-2004.

1. To be expended by the department of accounting and general services:

A. Campbell high school, Oahu

(1) Renovation and upgrade of electrical system.

Design $ 150,000

Construction 1,000,000

Total funding $ 1,150,000

(2) Air-conditioning for entire school.

Design $ 1,750,000

Construction 17,250,000

Total funding $ 19,000,000

(3) Enclose administration for conference and media/resources rooms, and offices.

Design $ 75,000

Construction 750,000

Total funding $ 825,000

B. Ewa elementary school, Oahu

(1) Install central air-conditioning and change windows of Building L for Shelter-in-Place (SIP).

Design $ 350,000

Construction 2,250,000

Total funding $ 2,600,000

(2) Renovation and upgrade of electrical system.

Design $ 50,000

Construction 500,000

Total funding $ 550,000

(3) Addition and upgrade of parking lot lights.

Design $ 50,000

Construction 500,000

Total funding $ 550,000

C. Ewa Beach elementary school, Oahu

(1) Convert G Building kitchen and dining hall into classrooms and office spaces; equipment, ground, and site improvements.

Design $ 25,000

Construction 225,000

Total funding $ 250,000

(2) Reinforce F Building support column.

Design $ 150,000

Construction 950,000

Total funding $ 1,100,000

(3) Air-conditioning for entire school.

Design $ 500,000

Construction 4,500,000

Total funding $ 5,000,000

D. Ilima intermediate school, Oahu

(1) Renovation and enlargement of library.

Design $ 200,000

Construction 1,600,000

Total funding $ 1,800,000

(2) Air-conditioning for entire school.

Design $ 750,000

Construction 7,500,000

Total funding $ 8,250,000

(3) Automatic sprinkler system for campus ground.

Design $ 31,000

Construction 245,000

Total funding $ 276,000

E. Iroquois Point elementary school, Oahu

(1) Construction of volleyball court.

Design $ 5,000

Construction 25,000

Total funding $ 30,000

(2) Install a grassed field with sprinkler system.

Design $ 50,000

Construction 450,000

Total funding $ 500,000

F. Kaimiloa elementary school, Oahu

Pave playground area next to

Building F.

Design $ 5,000

Construction 25,000

Total funding $ 30,000

G. Pohakea elementary school, Oahu

(1) Air-conditioning for entire school.

Design $ 700,000

Construction 6,000,000

Total funding $ 6,700,000

(2) Playground equipment for K-2 playground area.

Total funding $ 50,000

(3) Install automated sprinkler system.

Design $ 50,000

Construction 450,000

Total funding $ 500,000

H. Waipahu intermediate school, Oahu

(1) Construction of 8-classroom building.

Design $ 190,000

Construction 3,130,000

Equipment 100,000

Total funding $ 3,420,000

(2) Extension of existing library parking lot.

Design $ 25,000

Construction 150,000

Total funding $ 175,000

2. To be expended by department of transportation:

A. North-South road, Oahu

Phase I and Phase II from Kapolei parkway to H-1 freeway; includes engineering and contingency fees.

Total funding $152,000,000

B. Kapolei parkway, Oahu

Planning, design, and construction of Kapolei parkway extension from Kapolei parkway to North-South road within department of Hawaiian home lands jurisdiction.

Design $ 900,000

Construction 6,000,000

Total funding $ 6,900,000

C. Fort Weaver road widening, Oahu

Widen Fort Weaver road from four lanes to six lanes in the vicinity of Laulaunui street to Geiger road; relocate acceleration and deceleration lanes; reconstruct channelized islands and curb ramps; construct retaining walls; relocate concrete gutters and adjust inlet boxes; relocate shared use path; install guardrails and concrete barriers; relocate utility pullboxes and manhole frames and covers; modify traffic signal systems and street lighting; relocate existing irrigation lines and spray heads; restore landscaping in median; adjust driveways; relocate bus stops and install pavement marking, signing, and striping, and implement to include addition of City's closed-circuit television cameras and ductline system, revision of the typical section to a curbed design, and underpass of permanent pedestrian activated traffic light.

Sidewalk from Geiger road to Ewa Child and Family Service Center, which includes pedestrian footbridge/Ewa side of Fort Weaver road.

Traffic light cameras on Fort Weaver road between Laulaunui street and Old Fort Weaver road to check traffic flow.

Total funding $ 30,410,000

D. Intra-Island commuter ferry project, Oahu

Barbers Point, Middle Loch, and Iroquois Point.

Total funding $ 1,000,000

E. Kamokila boulevard, Oahu

Extension of Kamokila boulevard makai of Kamokila boulevard/Kapolei parkway intersection to meet Roosevelt road.

Total funding $ 2,500,000

SECTION 2. The sums appropriated for the respective capital projects set forth in section 1 shall be expended by the designated expending agency for the purposes of this Act.

SECTION 3. This Act shall take effect on July 1, 2003.