Report Title:

State Chief Information Officer


Assigns the functions of a chief information officer to the office of the comptroller within the department of accounting and general services. (S1251 HD1)


S.B. NO.



S.D. 1


H.D. 1




relating to a state chief information officer.



SECTION 1. Chapter 27, Hawaii Revised Statutes, is amended by adding a new section to be appropriately designated and to read as follows:

"27-    Chief information officer. (a) The state comptroller shall serve as the State's chief information officer. The duties of the chief information officer shall include:

(1) Ensuring that departments are held accountable for delivering the promised benefits of information technology expenditures;

(2) Directing efforts of separate state departments in developing and implementing a statewide strategic information technology plan;

(3) Ensuring that departments work together toward common goals, reduce redundant efforts, encourage partnering and sharing of resources among agencies;

(4) Serving as a liaison between the governor and the special advisor for technology development, executive branch department directors, judiciary, counties, and legislative branch on information technology issues;

(5) Developing standards and overall technology approaches that minimize the use of customized systems;

(6) Establishing information technology policies and guidelines as new technologies arise;

(7) Assessing business processes for effectiveness before applying information technology solutions;

(8) Assisting the director of finance with the review of information technology budgets, including costs for information technology systems, services, hardware, software, and personnel, for submission to the governor;

(9) Reviewing information technology expenditures to ensure key technologies, hardware, software, and services are in accordance with information technology standards;

(10) Assisting the administrator of the state procurement office in procurement of hardware, software, and services to reduce cost and ensure compatibility;

(11) Encouraging information technology training for all state workers who perform data management functions and information technology specialists;

(12) Supporting the goals of the State's Internet website; and

(13) Establishing and directing the efforts of a state information technology governance committee, consisting of administrator-representatives of the state departments, whose purpose shall be to coordinate implementation of information technology strategies, policies, and programs, and to facilitate integration of information technology systems across departments.

(b) The comptroller shall submit an annual report to the governor and to the legislature not less than twenty days prior to the start of each regular session on such issues as the chief information officer finds significant in implementing a statewide strategic plan for information technology."

SECTION 2. Section 26-6, Hawaii Revised Statutes, is amended to read as follows:

"26-6 Department of accounting and general services. (a) The department of accounting and general services shall be headed by a single executive to be known as the comptroller.

(b) The department shall:

(1) Preaudit and conduct after-the-fact audits of the financial accounts of all state departments to determine the legality of expenditures and the accuracy of accounts;

(2) Report to the governor and to each regular session of the legislature as to the finances of each department of the State;

(3) Administer the state risk management program;

(4) Establish and manage motor pools;

(5) Manage the preservation and disposal of all records of the State;

(6) Undertake the program of centralized engineering and office leasing services, including operation and maintenance of public buildings, for departments of the State;

(7) Undertake the functions of the state surveyor;

(8) Establish accounting and internal control systems;

(9) Provide centralized computer information management and processing services, coordination in the use of all information processing equipment, software, facilities, and services in the executive branch of the State, and consultation and support services in the use of information processing and management technologies to improve the efficiency, effectiveness, and productivity of state government programs; and

(10) Establish, coordinate, and manage a program to provide a means for public access to public information and develop and operate an information network in conjunction with its overall plans for establishing a communication backbone for state government.

[The] (c) The comptroller, as the State's chief information officer, shall ensure the establishment of a state communication system [shall be established] to:

(1) Facilitate implementation of the State's distributed information processing and information resource management plans;

(2) Improve data, voice, and video communications in state government;

(3) Provide a means for connectivity among the state, university, and county computer systems; [and]

(4) Provide a long-term means for public access to public information[.]; and

(5) Perform the duties as described in section 27- .

[(c)] (d) The department may adopt rules as may be necessary or desirable for the operation and maintenance of public buildings, and for the operation and implementation of a program to provide a means for public access to the State's information network system and public information. The rules shall be adopted pursuant to chapter 91.

[(d)] (e) The King Kamehameha celebration commission shall be placed within the department of accounting and general services for administrative purposes. The functions, duties, and powers, subject to the administrative control of the comptroller, and the composition of the commission shall be as heretofore provided by law.

[(e)] (f) The functions and authority heretofore exercised by the comptroller, board of commissioners of public archives, the archivist, the disposal committee, and the insurance management, surplus property management, and central purchasing functions of the bureau of the budget and the nonhighway functions of the department of public works as heretofore constituted are transferred to the department of accounting and general services established by this chapter."

SECTION 3. Statutory material to be repealed is bracketed and stricken. New statutory material is underscored.

SECTION 4. This Act shall take effect upon its approval.