Report Title:

Workforce Development Strategic Planning Committee


Establishes the workforce development strategic planning committee comprised of members representing private sector technology industries to review and analyze the State's workforce development programs and to develop a detailed strategic plan for workforce development in the State. Requires the plan to be submitted to the legislature and the governor before the 2004 legislature.


H.B. NO.









relating to workforce development.



SECTION 1. Findings and purpose. The legislature finds that the State's economic future is dependent upon the quality of its workforce. Over the years, several programs have been initiated to improve workforce development in Hawaii. Despite these efforts, the private sector, especially the State's technology industry, continues to express dissatisfaction with the quality of the State's workforce development programs. The private sector fuels the State's economy and is in need of qualified and skilled employees. Therefore, workforce development programs should be developed and implemented in a manner that ensures the private sector has extensive participation and obtains the greatest benefit possible.

The purpose of this Act, is to provide the private sector, particularly the technology industry, an opportunity to comprehensively review and analyze the workforce development programs of the State. In addition, the private sector will be given the opportunity to develop a detailed and comprehensive strategic plan for workforce development in the State. The strategic plan shall be submitted to the legislature and the governor by the 2004 regular session of the legislature.

SECTION 2. Workforce development strategic planning committee. (a) There is established within the office of the governor, on a special and temporary basis, the workforce development strategic planning committee, until December 31, 2003, at which time the committee shall cease to exist.

(b) The committee shall be comprised of nine members appointed by the governor from the technology industry with each member representing the technology industries in the State including, but not limited to:

(1) Information Technology;

(2) Telecommunications;

(3) Software;

(4) Biotechnology;

(5) Health and Medical Technology;

(6) Ocean and Earth Sciences

(7) Space Sciences;

(8) Dual-use Technology; and

(9) Alternative Energy.

The directors of business, economic development, and tourism, and labor and industrial relations, or the their designees shall attend all meetings of the committee to provide specific information about all workforce development programs and initiatives of the State, including a map of all workforce development programs, their target groups, and detailed budgets.

The chairperson of the committee shall be designated by the members of the committee.

SECTION 3. Duties of the committee. (a) The committee shall:

(1) Review and analyze all workforce development programs of the State;

(2) Determine the priorities for workforce development programs in the State;

(3) Develop a specific and detailed strategic plan for workforce development in the State that shall address:

(A) Educating the private sector about state, federal, and private financial assistance available for workforce development;

(B) Facilitating access to workforce development resources by reducing regulatory burdens for employers and employees;

(C) Creating and improving educational opportunities for individuals to learn and develop new skills, including mentoring, project-based learning, and internships;

(D) Assisting public schools in developing curriculum to prepare students for employment in the private sector; and

(E) Changing and improving existing state programs, including recommending the elimination of ineffective programs, as well as, creating additional programs to improve workforce development.

The strategic plan required under paragraph (3), shall include a detailed budget with a justification for each expenditure.

(b) The committee shall submit the strategic plan and a report of findings and recommendations, including recommended legislation, concerning workforce development in the State to the legislature and the governor no later than twenty days prior to the convening of the regular session of 2004.

SECTION 4. This Act shall take effect upon its approval.