Hawaii State Legislature
2002 Legislative Session


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Report Title: Gov't services; privatization
Description: Establishes the types of programs or projects, and the procedure by which the programs or projects, may be privatized by the state or county government, including services, by grants, subsidies, and purchases of services pursuant to chapter 42D, and incidental to purchases of goods and construction of facilties awarded under chapters 103 and 103D, which have been customarily allowed in the past and currently existing. Provides that services previously contracted under law, charter or ordinance, or under chapter 42D and chapters 103 and 103D may be certified if the contract were executed in good faith and would have been qualified and authorized under this Act.
Package: None
Introducer(s): GOMES, MARUMOTO, Fox, Bukoski, Auwae, Ontai
Current Referral:LAB, FIN

Date Status Text
1/26/2001HIntroduced and Pass First Reading
1/29/2001HReferred to the committees on LAB, FIN, referral sheet 5.
7/23/2001DCarried over to 2002 Regular Session.

$ = Appropriation measure
ConAm = Constitutional Amendment