July 9, 2001
Release #2001-08
Contact: Sen. Sam Slom
Phone: 586-8424




Senate Minority Leader Sam Slom today appointed attorney Shelton G. W. Jim On as a member of the state Reapportionment Commission, filling the vacancy created by the resignation of Honolulu attorney Rick Clifton. President Bush has nominated Clifton for a position as a federal appellate judge on the United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit.

In a letter sent to Chief Election Officer Dwayne Yoshina, Clifton stated that although the limitations on a judge's activities do not officially apply to nominees before they become judges, "in an abundance of caution, it seems to me that the better course is to begin winding down in an orderly fashion the activities that I could not continue as a judge."

"Shelton Jim On is committed to working on behalf of the state of Hawaii to implement a fair and logical reapportionment plan that will benefit all our communities. He has been attending meetings of the Commission to date and I'm confident that he will seamlessly pick up where Rick Clifton left off and see the Commission's work through until completion," Slom said.

Jim On was born in Paia, Maui and attended Leileihua High School and the University of Hawaii, where he earned a Bachelor's Degree in Education. He later earned his law degree from the University of San Francisco School of Law. He spent two years as a trial attorney with the Office of the Public Defender and a year as a staff attorney with the Hawaii Crime Commission. He has also worked as a delegate researcher in the 1978 Constitutional Convention and has also served as a Deputy Attorney General in the Anti-Trust and Civil Litigation divisions.

Jim On has been in private practice for the past 16 years specializing in insurance defense litigation and professional (C. P. A.) malpractice.

Jim On will attend his first meeting as a member of the Reapportionment Commission on July 19. ###-

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