September 7, 2001
Contact: Rep. Galen Fox
Tel.: (808) 586-8522

Enough is Enough

House Republicans said today they support funding the second year of the teachers professional certificate bonuses and the ongoing dispute between the Governor and the HSTA is hurting public education in Hawaii.

"The Republicans in the House are united in support of funding the bonuses in question," said Galen Fox, House Republican Leader. "The Governor needs to agree to the second year of professional certificate bonuses and come to the legislature next year to seek funding. Right now the Republicans will support additional funding, all he needs is for the Democrats to agree."

Republicans said the disagreement is destroying public education at a time when it is in desperate need of help.

Fox said, "The State is short of teachers now and prolonging this disagreement, after a contract had been agreed to, do not support efforts to improve the system, let alone recruit good teachers."

Republicans said the greater picture shows an attitude that all of the participants do not have the best interest of our children at heart. "This ongoing problem promotes a lack of confidence in our elected officials and the educational leaders," said Fox. "