June 7, 2001
Contact: Rep. Colleen Meyer
Tel.: 586-8540

GOP Moves to Override Gov's Motorcycle License Veto

Republicans to Dems: Just Do It!

House Republicans will introduce a motion tomorrow to override the Governor's veto of HB 824 that would require the Department of Transportation to approve and certify qualified motorcycle operator education programs operated by the military in Hawaii.

"The instructors of both the state program and the military program are certified by the same organization. The military provides this course at no charge to the men and women of the military, while the state program charges $150," said Colleen Meyer, Assistant House Republican Leader. "This bill will prevent the men and women of our armed forces from being forced to spend $150 for basically the same training they could get for free."

HB 824 passed both houses without a dissenting vote in either chamber, but was vetoed by the governor on April 20. Meyer's said an override now would be an efficient use of the legislator's time. "We all voted for this bill and we are all here for this special session, we might as well take 30 minutes and just do it," she said.

Republicans said administrative rules for motorcycle education programs will be developed, but because the rules are not in place, passing HB 824 is important.

"The military is providing this for free and if we are concerned with safety, we should be taking advantage of every opportunity to educate people; especially when it doesn't cost the state anything," said Meyer. "Any adjustment to the military program can be done as the administrative rules are being developed. In the mean time, we should do everything we can to encourage educational training for the safe operation of motorcycles."