April 18, 2002
Contact: Rep. Galen Fox
Phone: (808) 586-8520




Democrats in the Legislature killed education reform today and condemned Hawaii's children to yet another year of the failed status quo in the public school system.

"There is nothing more important that this Legislature can do this year than to reform our schools, bringing control of public education down to the local level," declared House Republican Leader Rep. Galen Fox (R Waikiki).

"Rather than launch a bold, innovative, bi-partisan plan to establish local school boards and give parents real control over the education of their children, the Democrats decided to maintain the status quo," stated Rep. Kika Bukoski (R- Upcountry Maui).

"With today's death of education reform at the hands of the Democrats, Hawaii's voters will face a clear choice this fall between elected officials who advance education reform and those who prefer the status quo," declared Rep. Ron Davis (R Molokai, Lanai, East Maui).