February 12, 2002
Rep. Galen Fox
Tel.: 586-8520


GOP: Timing is Perfect for Tax Relief

The State House Republican Caucus has released the following statement:

"Majority members used every excuse in the book to keep tax relief from the most needy when they voted down a Democrat introduced bill that would have eliminated the GET tax on food, medical services and residential rent. Rep. Terry Yoshinaga (D-McCully, Moiliili) introduced the bill.

Democrats agreed that tax cuts were needed to spur the economy and help the most needy in the community, but did not support the GET elimination because the 'timing' was wrong, the 'economy' was not strong, the 'trickle' down wasn't good, and a 'study' was being done.

Every excuse you can think of was being offered, all the while they said they were in support of the intent. The truth is the timing is perfect because it will help the economy by putting money into the pockets for people to spend. Trickle down is immediate because each person will see the benefit when they don't have to pay the taxes on the food they buy or medical service they receive. And instead of doing a study, the Democrats should follow the lead of their congressional leaders who have stated reducing taxes is the best way to spur the economy.