February 7, 2002
Rep. Galen Fox
Tel.: 586-8520

"With Malice toward All, Charity for None"

Democrats violate Spirit of Lincoln as Republicans head for Annual

Lincoln Day Dinner

The State House Republican Caucus has released the following statement:

The House Republican Caucus is justifiably disturbed because of the actions of the House Majority. The Republicans pulled a bill from committee and the majority, who normally move quickly to dispose such actions, decided to recess for full discussions among themselves, that in the end, postponed the floor session until early evening. Democrats know that virtually all Republican legislators will be attending the biggest Republican event of the year this evening-- the annual Lincoln Day dinner.

"This delay," said Republican Leader Rep. Galen Fox, "is Democrat orchestrated to impact negatively on business that would otherwise benefit from the presence of Republicans."

"We've always have been ready to do the people's business, " said Republican Floor Leader Charles Djou. "Yet the Democrats have scheduled major hearings in Finance for tonight, not yesterday or tomorrow, picking tonight with full awareness of our dinner honoring the memory of a President who advocated 'charity for all,' Djou said, referring to Lincoln.

Djou added, "Two other major committees also are holding hearings during the dinner. Democrats are simply taking advantage of the fact that the Republicans won't be available. This situation could have been resolved differently but wasn't. The only conclusion we can draw from all these separate schedules is that Democrats are acting deliberately to take advantage of the absence of the minority."