January 31, 2002
Rep. Galen Fox
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Dems Cry Wolf: More Proof They have Nothing to Offer

House and Senate Republicans said today that once again the Democrat Party of Hawaii has proved it is devoid of leadership, vision, integrity, and do not offer any hope or promise for Hawaii's people. Instead, they and their union-leader cronies resort to infantile name calling against non-elected Republican Party personnel.

Republicans said Hawaii is in dire need of leadership and that the latest attacks by Democratic Party Chair Lorraine Akiba shows the Democrats are bankrupt and have nothing to offer.

"Why is Lorraine Akiba so worried about our party?" said Rep. Joe Gomes (R-Waimanalo, Keolu Hills, Lanikai). "She has enough on her plate already. Her leading gubernatorial candidate, Mayor Harris, blames Akiba and her party for `smearing’ his campaign with allegations of improper campaign contributions. There’s also the city prosecutor conducting a criminal investigation based on those very allegations."



Democrats have completely failed the people of Hawaii. They have driven our education system and our economy into the ground, and have no clue how to fix the mess they’ve created. They also punish us with out-of-control State spending which hurts our own and is a ball and chain around the neck of every resident and business in the State.

The Democrat’s list of elected officials gone bad is extensive. This "Hall of Shame" includes Andy Mirikitani, Milton Holt, Marshall Ige, Rene Mansho, two former Speakers of the House (Peters and Kihano), and two former Senate Presidents (Wong and Aki).