2002 Budget Worksheets

ALOHA from the State Capitol . . . in our efforts to further involve and include members of the public in Hawaii's legislative and decision-making process, we are providing you access to the joint Senate/House budget worksheets the legislators will be using during their discussions and deliberations. The Senate/House budget worksheets are "working documents", and are prepared to assist the members in the conference meetings as they try to resolve differences between the House and Senate versions of the executive budget.

Conference House and Senate members were given a "hard copy" of these budget worksheets when the budget conference first convened. [April 16th]. They will be using these worksheets to follow the discussions, making notes to assist them when the final conference committee vote is taken.

These worksheets represent a "snap-shot" in time - the beginning point of discussions between the House and the Senate in the resolution of differences between the chambers.

Your interest in the legislative process and your state government is appreciated and valued.

  • Senator Robert Bunda
    Senate President
  • Senator Brian T. Taniguchi
    Chair, Ways and Means
  • Representative Calvin Say
    Speaker of the House
  • Representative Dwight Takamine
    Chair, Finance

The worksheets below are formatted to print in landscape mode. Due to limitations in formatting for the world wide web, the page breaks may not print correctly.

These worksheets highlight expenditure instructions for HB 1800.

This worksheet highlights expenditure instructions for HB 2300.

The following files are the 2002 Executive Budget Worksheets seperated by pages.