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H.B. NO.









relating to the bureau of conveyances.



SECTION 1. Section 429-5, Hawaii Revised Statutes, is amended by amending subsection (b) to read as follows:

"(b) An estate or interest in real property in the name of a nonprofit association may be transferred by a person so authorized in a statement of authority recorded in the office of the assistant registrar of the land court or in the bureau of conveyances, whichever is the office in which a transfer of the property would be recorded."

SECTION 2. Section 502-17, Hawaii Revised Statutes, is amended as follows:

(1) By amending subsection (a) to read as follows:

"(a) The registrar shall accept and file in the registrar's office, upon the payment of the fee as provided in section 502-25, any plan of land prepared in the manner prescribed by this section. Every such plan shall contain a short name of the tract; the name of the ahupuaa or ili, district, and island; such data concerning the original title of the land as may be known, together with the name of the last owner of record and the owner's address; the signature of the surveyor and the surveyor's address; the signature of the maker and the maker's address; date of survey, scale, the meridian line, area, the true azimuths and lengths of principal lines; and the names of all known adjoining owners. One or more durable monuments shall be placed on the land which shall connect with the government triangulation system and which monuments shall be placed as indicated on the plan. Whenever the land platted is made up of more than one original title, it shall be necessary to show all original title lines in broken lines as follows:


(2) By amending subsection (d) to read as follows:

"(d) On receipt for recordation of a transfer or separate description document concerning a lot in a subdivision, the registrar shall accept and file the document with:

(1) A metes and bound description, either solely or as part of the document;

(2) A county certified plat map; and

(3) A letter from a registered professional surveyor, certifying that the metes and bounds description conforms to the accompanying plat map.

The document shall otherwise comply with the requirements for recordation under this section. Any parcel created or subdivided prior to the effective date of the subdivision laws of the respective counties are exempt from the provisions of this subsection."

(3) By amending subsection (f) to read as follows:

"(f) All fees collected under this section, except as provided under sections 501-23.5 and 502-25 for the bureau of conveyances special fund, shall be deposited in the state treasury to the credit of the general fund."

SECTION 3. Section 502-31, Hawaii Revised Statutes, is amended to read as follows:

"502-31 Recording, method. The registrar shall make or cause to be made an entire literal copy of all instruments, with their original signatures, required to be recorded in the registrar's office, and the registrar, the registrar's deputy, or clerk shall certify its correspondence with the original, after which the registrar, the registrar's deputy, or clerk shall certify upon the exterior, or indorse upon the recorded instrument with the original signature, the date of its registry and the document number.

The registrar, for purposes of the general indexes of the bureau of conveyances, shall use the names of the parties as they first appear in the recorded instrument. All names of all natural persons signing in their individual capacity shall be typewritten, stamped, [or] legibly printed by hand, or by [some other] a mechanical or electrical printing method beneath all signatures. The provisions of this paragraph shall not apply to any deed or conveyance instrument executed prior to July 1, 1989.

The registrar or the registrar's deputy may refuse to accept for record any document of a size larger than eight and one-half inches by eleven inches, or which contains a schedule or inventory sheet in excess of such size.

This section shall apply to all instruments presented for recording in the bureau of conveyances, unless otherwise provided by rules adopted by the department of land and natural resources, pursuant to chapter 91.

All instruments to be recorded shall include the original signature and the top three and one-half inches of space of the first page shall be reserved for recording information for the assistant registrar on the left half of such space, and for the registrar of conveyances on the right half of such space. The following one inch of space shall be reserved for information showing to whom the document should be returned beginning one and one-half inch from the left margin and not exceeding three and one-half inches per line. In addition, the first page shall identify and include, if possible, all names of the grantors and all names and addresses of the grantees, the type of document, and the tax map key number. [Each page of the instrument shall be single-sided sheets of written text.] Indorsements, if any, may be made on a conforming fly sheet. No papers or materials, written or otherwise, shall be secured or attached to a page in any manner that may conceal any other written text. If an instrument consists of more than one page, [it] each page shall be single-sided sheets of written text numbered consecutively, beginning with number one, and shall be stapled once in the upper left corner. No instrument shall have a cover or backer attached. The registrar of conveyances shall be permitted to remove any rivets affixed to any instrument. The registrar may refuse to accept all instruments, papers, or notices presented for recordation that will not reproduce legibly under photographic or electrostatic methods."

SECTION 4. Statutory material to be repealed is bracketed. New statutory material is underscored.

SECTION 5. This Act shall take effect on July 1, 2001.