HB 2045


By Representative(s) TAKAI / ARAKAKI / PENDLETON / THIELEN / MOSES; Abinsay, Cachola, Catalani, Chang, Espero, Garcia, Ito, Kahikina, Leong, Marumoto, McDermott, Rath

Subjects: Keiki Caucus

Keywords: MINORS

Report Title: Ear/Body Piercing; Consent

Description: Requires minors to inform ear and body piercers of their minority status and provide parental consent for any ear or body piercing. Requires ear and body piercers to notify all prospective clients of need for parental consent if client is a minor and to obtain such written parental consent if client is a minor.

 1-21-00        H Introduced and passed First Reading                      
 1-24-00        H Referred to the committee on HLT, and then referred         
                  jointly to the committees on CPC/JHA, referral
                  sheet 4