HB 2006 HD 1


By Representative(s) MENOR (BR)

Keywords: Dept. of commerce and consumer affairs, INSURANCE, NATURAL DISASTERS, REAL PROPERTY

Report Title: Insurance

Description: Authorizes standard extended coverage endorsements offered by hurricane insurers to qualify as comparable coverage to that which would have been offered by the hurricane relief fund.

 1-21-00        H Introduced and passed First Reading                      
 1-24-00        H Referred to the committees on 1. CPC 2. FIN ,
                  referral sheet 4
 1-27-00        H Bill scheduled to be heard by CPC on Monday,
                  01-31-00 at 6:00 P.M. in House conference room 325.
 1-31-00        H The committee(s) recommends that the measure be
 2-14-00        H Bill scheduled for decision making on Wednesday,
                  02-16-00 at 2:00 P.M. in House conference room 325.
 2-16-00        H The committee on CPC recommends that the measure be         
                  PASSED, WITH AMENDMENTS.
 2-16-00        H The votes in CPC were as follows:10 Ayes: Rep.(s)
                  Menor, Lee, Cachola, Chang, Garcia, Hiraki,
                  Kaho`ohalahala, Halford, Thielen, Whalen; Ayes with         
                  reservations: Rep.(s) ; none Noes: Rep.(s) ; and 5
                  Excused: Rep.(s) Herkes, Morita, Takumi, Yoshinaga,         
 2-17-00        H Reported from the committee on CPC (Stand. Com. Rep.        
                  No. 276-00) as amended in (HD 1), recommending
                  passage on Second Reading and referral to the
                  committee on FIN
 2-17-00        H Passed Second Reading as amended in (HD 1) and
                  referred to the committee on FIN
 2-17-00        H The vote was as follows:  40 aye(s), with none
                  voting no and Representative(s) Chang, Hamakawa,
                  Herkes, Kanoho, Kawakami, Menor, Nakasone, Okamura,         
                  Saiki, Souki, Takamine excused