Credential Extensions

Allows the Hawaii Teacher Standards Board to extend teaching
credentials for teachers for the 2000-2001 and 2001-2002 school
years on a case-by-case basis for teachers who are unable to
become licensed due to extenuating circumstances.  (HB2490 CD1)


HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES                H.B. NO.           H.D. 1
TWENTIETH LEGISLATURE, 2000                                S.D. 1
STATE OF HAWAII                                            C.D. 1

                   A  BILL  FOR  AN  ACT



 1      SECTION 1.  Section 302A-803, Hawaii Revised Statutes, is
 2 amended to read as follows:
 3      "302A-803  Powers and duties of the board.  In addition to
 4 establishing standards for the issuance of licenses and
 5 credentials, the board's powers shall also include: 
 6      (1)  Setting and administering its own budget;
 7      (2)  Adopting, amending, repealing, or suspending the
 8           policies, standards, or rules of the board in
 9           accordance with chapter 91;
10      (3)  Receiving grants or donations from private foundations;
11      (4)  Submitting an annual report to the governor and the
12           legislature on the board's operations;
13      (5)  Conducting a cyclical review of standards and
14           suggesting revisions for their improvement;
15      (6)  Establishing licensing and credentialing fees in
16           accordance with chapter 91, including the collection of
17           fees by means of mandatory payroll deductions, which
18           shall subsequently be deposited into the state treasury
19           and credited to the Hawaii teacher standards board
20           revolving fund; [and] 


Page 2                                                     2490
                                     H.B. NO.           H.D. 1
                                                        S.D. 1
                                                        C.D. 1

 1      (7)  Establishing penalties in accordance with chapter
 2           91[.]; and 
 3      (8)  Granting extensions of credentials on a case-by-case
 4           basis pursuant to section 302A-805."
 5      SECTION 2.  Section 302A-805, Hawaii Revised Statutes, is
 6 amended to read as follows:
 7      "302A-805  Teachers; license or credential required;
 8 renewals. (a)  Beginning with the 1997-1998 school year, no
 9 person shall serve as a teacher in a public school without first
10 having obtained a license or credential from the department under
11 this subpart.  All licenses issued by the department shall be
12 renewable every five years, if the licensee continues to satisfy
13 the board's licensing standards.  All credentials issued by the
14 department shall be renewable every year, up to a maximum of
15 three years, if the credential holder continues to satisfy the
16 board's credentialing standards and actively pursues appropriate
17 licensing.  For the 2000-2001 and 2001-2002 school years only,
18 the board may, on a case-by-case basis, extend a credential for
19 one year, but no more than twice for any credential holder;
20 provided that the individual seeking an extension meets the
21 following requirements and submits a written request to the board
22 consisting of:


Page 3                                                     2490
                                     H.B. NO.           H.D. 1
                                                        S.D. 1
                                                        C.D. 1

 1      (1)  Copies of the department's form C with supporting
 2           documents that demonstrate active pursuit of and
 3           satisfactory progression in license requirements;
 4      (2)  Documentation of extenuating circumstances that explain
 5           the need for an extension or lack of availability of
 6           programs and courses required for licensing;
 7      (3)  Narrative evaluation from current and past school
 8           principals documenting teaching performance according
 9           to the board's performance standards;
10      (4)  Submittal of the credential holder's proposed action
11           plan to meet all licensing standards;
12      (5)  Documentation of passing scores for basic skills tests
13           or documented evidence, which the individual maintains,
14           of concerted effort to pass the basic skills test,
15           beyond mere retaking of the test; and
16      (6)  Documentation of passing scores for applicable subject
17           matter content tests unless the subject matter is
18           integrated into the teacher preparation program.
19      (b)  The board shall consider the following in granting any
20 extension:
21      (1)  The diligence with which the credential holder has
22           pursued licensing;


Page 4                                                     2490
                                     H.B. NO.           H.D. 1
                                                        S.D. 1
                                                        C.D. 1

 1      (2)  The extenuating circumstances and the extent to which
 2           the individual has been subjected to constraints beyond
 3           the individual's control to the timely completion of
 4           all licensing requirements;
 5      (3)  Evidence of strong teaching performance according to
 6           the board's performance standards; and
 7      (4)  Likelihood of successful implementation of the
 8           credential holder's proposed action plan."
 9      SECTION 3.  Statutory material to be repealed is bracketed.
10 New statutory material is underscored.
11      SECTION 4.  This Act shall take effect upon its approval;
12 provided that on June 30, 2002, this Act shall be repealed and
13 sections 302A-803 and 302A-805, Hawaii Revised Statutes, are
14 reenacted in the form in which they read on the day before the
15 approval of this Act.