SB 575


By Senator(s) HANABUSA; Buen, Bunda, Chumbley, Chun, Chun Oakland, D. Ige, Ihara, Inouye, Kanno, Levin, Matsunaga, Matsuura, Nakata, Sakamoto, Tam, Taniguchi


Report Title: Elections; Recount of Votes

Description: Requires a manual vote recount for only that race in which the difference between the winner and the next highest vote getter is less than one percentage point of the total number of votes cast for that office.

 1-22-99        S Introduced and passed First Reading                      
 1-25-99        S Referred to 1. JDC 2. WAM                                
 2-10-99        S Bill scheduled to be heard by JDC on 02-17-99 at
                  9:00 a.m. in conference room 229
 2-17-99        S The measure is deferred until 02-19-99 at 9:00 a.m.         
                  in conference room 229.
 2-19-99        S The committee on JDC recommends that the measure be         
 2-19-99        S The votes in JDC were as follows: 6 Ayes: Senator(s)        
                  Chumbley, Matsunaga, Chun Oakland, Ihara, Sakamoto,         
                  Tanaka; Ayes with reservations: Senator(s) ; none
                  Noes: Senator(s) ; and 1 Excused: Senator(s)