SB 384 SD 1


By Senator(s) IHARA (BR) / CHUN (BR)

Companion Bill: HB 380

Subjects: Democratic Party


Report Title: Utility Transmission Lines

Description: Prohibits PUC approval of new 46 kilovolt or greater high voltage electric transmission systems in residential areas, areas viewed by tourists, or areas important to the film industry unless placed underground and insulated against EMF emissions; requires PUC to re-review prior applications. (SD1)

 1-22-99        S Introduced and passed First Reading                      
 1-25-99        S Referred to CPN                                          
 2-10-99        S Bill scheduled to be heard by CPN on 02-16-99 at
                  9:00 a.m. in conference room 016
 2-16-99        S The measure is deferred until 02-23-99 at 9:00 a.m.         
                  in conference room 016.
 2-18-99        S Notice of public decision making by CPN on 02-23-99         
                  at 9:00 a.m. in conference room 016.
 2-23-99        S The committee on CPN recommends that the measure be         
                  PASSED, WITH AMENDMENTS.
 2-23-99        S The votes in CPN were as follows: 5 Ayes: Senator(s)        
                  Kanno, Taniguchi, Hanabusa; Ayes with reservations:         
                  Senator(s) Matsuura, Slom; none Noes: Senator(s) ;
                  and 3 Excused: Senator(s) Bunda, Ihara, Inouye
 3- 3-99        S Reported from CPN (Stand. Com. Rep. No. 559) with
                  recommendation of passage on Second Reading, as
                  amended (SD 1) and placement on the calendar for
                  Third Reading
 3- 3-99        S Report adopted; Passed Second Reading, as amended
                  (SD 1)
 3- 3-99        S 48 hours notice                                          
 3- 5-99        S Passed Third Reading, as amended (SD 1). Ayes, 16.          
                  Noes, 9 (Anderson, Buen, Chumbley, Chun, Iwase,
                  Matsuura, Sakamoto, Slom, Tanaka).  Excused, none
 3- 5-99        S Transmitted to House                                     
 3- 5-99        H Received from Senate (Sen. Com. No. 39)                  
 3- 9-99        H Introduced and passed First Reading                      
 3-11-99        H Referred to the committees on 1. EDB 2. CPC 3. FIN ,        
                  referral sheet 26