SB 1234 SD 1


By Senator(s) HANABUSA


Report Title: Insurers

Description: Requires an insurer to provide an insured with independent counsel when a conflict of interest arises on a claim under an insurance policy. (SD1)

 1-26-99        S Introduced and passed First Reading                      
 1-28-99        S Referred to CPN                                          
 2-18-99        S Bill scheduled to be heard by CPN on 02-23-99 at
                  9:00 a.m. in conference room 016
 2-23-99        S The measure is deferred until 03-02-99 at 9:00 a.m.         
                  in conference room 016.
 3- 2-99        S The committee on CPN recommends that the measure be         
                  PASSED, WITH AMENDMENTS.
 3- 2-99        S The votes in CPN were as follows: 7 Ayes: Senator(s)        
                  Kanno, Taniguchi, Hanabusa, Ihara, Inouye, Matsuura;        
                  Ayes with reservations: Senator(s) Slom; none Noes:         
                  Senator(s) ; and 1 Excused: Senator(s) Bunda
 3- 5-99        S Reported from CPN (Stand. Com. Rep. No. 713) with
                  recommendation of passage on Second Reading, as
                  amended (SD 1) and placement on the calendar for
                  Third Reading
 3- 5-99        S Report adopted; Passed Second Reading, as amended
                  (SD 1)
 3- 5-99        S 48 hours notice                                          
 3- 9-99        S Passed Third Reading, as amended (SD 1). Ayes, 19.          
                  Noes, none ().  Excused, 6 (Anderson, Bunda, Chun
                  Oakland, M. Ige, Iwase, Slom).
 3- 9-99        S Transmitted to House                                     
 3- 9-99        H Received from Senate (Sen. Com. No. 292)                 
 3-11-99        H Introduced and passed First Reading                      
 3-11-99        H Referred to the committees on 1. CPC 2. JHA ,
                  referral sheet 26
 3-22-99        H Re-referred to the committees on CPC/JHA, referral 
                  sheet 31