HB 432


By Representative(s) MORIHARA / TAKAI / CASE / SANTIAGO / ITO / AHU ISA; Leong, Stegmaier

Companion Bill: SB 538

Report Title: UH Autonomy

Description: Provides complete autonomy to the University of Hawaii, by making its status comparable to that of the judiciary. Makes all employees subject to the university's personnel system. Eliminates director of finance and governor from the university budgetary process.

 1-22-99        H Introduced and passed First Reading                      
 1-25-99        H Referred to the committees on 1. HED 2. JHA 3. FIN ,        
                  referral sheet 3
 1-28-99        H Bill scheduled to be heard by HED on Monday,
                  02-01-99 at 1:30 P.M. in House conference room 309.
 2- 1-99        H The committee(s) recommends that the measure be
                  deferred until 02-03-99.
 2- 3-99        H The committee on HED recommends that the measure be         
 2- 3-99        H The votes in HED were as follows:8 Ayes: Rep.(s)
                  Morihara, Takai, Arakaki, Ito, Santiago, Stegmaier,         
                  Leong, McDermott; Ayes with reservations: Rep.(s) ;         
                  none Noes: Rep.(s) ; and 1 Excused: Rep.(s) Okamura