HB 1334


By Representative(s) SUZUKI / MOSES / MARUMOTO / GARCIA / OSHIRO, M. / HAMAKAWA / KAHO`OHALAHALA / GOODENOW / YAMANE / YONAMINE / MEYER / RATH / MORIHARA / CASE / SAY; Ahu Isa, Fox, Kahikina, Kanoho, Kawakami, Luke, Nakasone, Saiki, Santiago

Report Title: Budget; Fiscal Accountability

Description: Requires fiscal accountability by the Administration. Requires a signed jurat by state and county employers for all fiscally related information provided to the legislature. Provides penalties for violation of the bill and intentionally providing false information to the legislature.

 1-28-99        H Introduced and passed First Reading                      
 1-28-99        H Referred to the committees on 1. JHA 2. FIN ,
                  referral sheet 6