Monday, February 1, 1999
1:30 p.m.
Conference Room 309, State Capitol


HB 249   Relating to the General Powers of the University of Hawaii.
         Allows UH to enter  into  funding arrangements with private
         organizations to  pay  the  salary  and  fringe benefits of
         university officers or employees.
HB 430   Relating to standards of conduct.               HED/EDB,FIN
         Gives University of  Hawaii  faculty and management greater
         flexibility in  pursuing  consultative, entrepreneurial, or
         economic development activities.

HB 153   Relating to the University of Hawaii.               HED,JHA
         Requires the Ethics Commission  to  accord a presumption of
         validity to UH faculty in consultative, entrepreneurial, or
         economic development activities under specified conditions,
         including disclosure prior to the activity.
HB 431   Proposing an amendment  to  article  X,  section  6, of the
         Hawaii Constitution, to provide the UH with autonomy in all
         matters related to the University of Hawaii (Con Am).HED,JH
         Constitutional amendment to give UH autonomy in all matters
         related to the university.
HB 432   Relating to the University of Hawaii.           HED,JHA,FIN
         Provides complete autonomy to  the University of Hawaii, by
         making its  status  comparable  to  that  of the judiciary.
         Makes all employees  subject  to the university's personnel
         system.  Eliminates director  of  finance and governor from
         the university budgetary process.
HB 250   Relating to the management  of financing agreements for the
         University of Hawaii.                               HED,FIN
         Allows the University  of  Hawaii  to  enter into financing
         agreements without the approval  of the director of finance
         and the attorney general  if  the principal does not exceed
HB 248   Relating to the University of Hawaii.               HED,FIN
         Clarifies  that  the  attorney  general  may  provide legal
         representation to the University of Hawaii.

HB 425   Relating to capital improvement projects pertaining
         to higher education.                                HED,FIN
         CIP for higher education.
HB 833   Relating to the University of Hawaii.               HED,FIN
         Includes  sales  of  tangible   personal  property  to  the
         University  of  nstructs,  Hawaii  as  sales  at  wholesale
         subject to the general excise tax rate of .5%.
HB 305   Relating to the University of Hawaii.               HED,FIN
         Restructures board of regents  of the University of Hawaii.
         Establishes an advisory committee for board appointments.
HB 834   Relating to  the  Univesity  of  Hawaii optional retirement
         system.                                         HED,LAB,FIN
         Makes  clarifying  amendments   to   University  of  Hawaii
         optional retirement system authorization.
HB 429   Authorizing the issuance  of  general  obligation bonds and
         making an appropiation for  the endowment of the University
         of Hawaii.                                          HED,FIN
         Authorizes the  issuance  of  one  billion  dollars for the
         general endowment of the UH through its Foundation.

Decision making to follow.


Monday, February 1, 1999
2:00 p.m. - 5:00 p.m.
Conference Room 325, State Capitol


HB 157   Relating to Crime.                             JHA/PSM, FIN
         Continues funding for  the  following  programs, which were
         created  by  Act   25,   Special   Session  Laws  of  1995:
         integrated community sanctions, electronic monitoring, drug
         treatment,  community   reintegration,   residential  work-
         furlough, early  parole,  and  sex  offender  and substance
         abuse treatment.
HB 69    Relating to Crime.                             PSM/JHA, FIN
         Transfers the  crime  victim  compensation  commission from
         within the department of public safety to the department of
         the attorney general.
HCR 24   Requesting the Department of Public Safety to StrengthenPSM
         /JHA, FIN
         its attempts to deal with prison overcrowding.
HCR 35   Urging the Department of Public Safety to ExplorePSM/JHA,
         and  fund  alternatives  to  incarceration  for  nonviolent
         female offenders.

HR 22    Urging the Department of Public Safety to ExplorePSM/JHA,
         and  Fund  Alternatives  to  Incarceration  for  Nonviolent
         Female Offenders.

HB 155   Relating to Prisons.                               PSM, FIN
         Authorizes the  issuance  of  general  obligation bonds and
         appropriates funds  for  capital  improvements to construct
         correctional   facilities.       Appropriates   funds   for
         operational purposes.
HB 156   Relating to Corrections.                           PSM, FIN
         Authorizes the governor to  proceed with the development of
         private in-state  or  public  in-state turnkey correctional
         facilities, utilizing both  public  funds or private funds,
         or a combination  of  both,  to reduce prison overcrowding,
         subject to the need for a certificate of participation
HB 479   Relating to the Department of Public Safety.  PSM, JHA, FIN
         Transfers administration  and  supervision  of parole field
         services to the Department of  Public Safety.  Requires the
         Hawaii paroling authority  to  require program alternatives
         to  incarceration  as  conditions  to  parole  for selected
HB 618   Relating to a Program of Regimental Discipline.    PSM, FIN
         Enhances the Program  of  Regimental  Discipline to include
         17-year-old youths.
HB 496   Relating to Public Safety.                         PSM, FIN
         Adds  a  section  to   chapter  353,  HRS,  permitting  the
         department of  public  safety  to  charge  prisoners  a co-
         payment  of  at  least  10%  of  the  cost  of  any medical
         procedure  administered  or  provided  by  the  department;
         provides for extensive agency rule making and discretion.
HB 531   Relating to Corrections.                           PSM, FIN
         Makes an appropriation  for  the  expansion  of the KASHBOX
         drug rehabilitation program to  ensure access for both male
         and female prisoners.
HB 116   Relating to Substance Abuse Testing.          PSM, JHA, FIN
         Requires state legislators  to  submit  to random and post-
         election substance abuse  tests.    Makes refusal to submit
         to, or failure  to  undergo,  a  substance  abuse test; and
         refusal or failure to  provide  written consent to publicly
         release the results of a substance abuse test, a government
HB 440   Relating to Controlled Substances.            PSM, CPC, FIN
         Allows  the   Narcotics   Enforcement   Division  to  share
         prescription information with physicians.
HB 475   Relating to a Bicycle Patrol for the Capitol District.PSM,
         Appropriates funds to  the  department  of public safety to
         establish a bicycle patrol for the capitol district

Decision making to follow.


Monday, February 1, 1999
6:00 p.m.
Conference Room 325, State Capitol

Informational Briefing

Measurement Standards                                        AGR 812
Transportation, Communications, & Utilities                  BUF 901
Conveyances and Recordings                                   LNR 111
Cable Television                                             CCA 102
Consumer Advocate for Communications, Utilities, and
    Transportation Services                                  CCA 103
Financial Institution Services                               CCA 104
Professional, Vocational & Personal Services                 CCA 105
Insurance Regulatory Services                                CCA 106
Office of Consumer Protection - Unfair/Deceptive Practice    CCA 110
Business Registration                                        CCA 111
Regulated Industries Complaints Office                       CCA 112
General Support-Protection of the Consumer                   CCA 191


Tuesday, February 2, 1999
8:30 a.m. - 11:30 a.m.
Conference Room 329, State Capitol


HB 264   Relating to School-Based Health Care          HLT, EDN, FIN
         for Adolescents.
         Requires the Director of Health, with the assistance of the
         Superintendent of Education, to  establish and operate as a
         demonstration  project,  not  less  than  one  school-based
         health  clinic  in  each  of  the  seven  department school
HB 319   Relating to School Health Services.           HLT, EDN, FIN
         Initiates a pilot project  to  expand the workday of school
         health aides from six and  one-half  hours per day to eight
         hours at twelve large secondary public schools statewide. 
HB 287   Making an Appropriation for the Peer          HLT, EDN, FIN
         Education Program.
         Appropriates funds to maintain and expand services provided
         by the department of health's peer education program. 

HB 268   Relating to Family Leave.                     HLT, LAB, FIN
         Requires  employers  to  grant  employees  leave  to attend
         conferences for individualized education programs. 
HB 261   Relating to Children and Families.        HLT, HED/EDN, FIN
         Requires the University of  Hawaii  to develop standards to
         measure child development  outcomes; makes appropriation to
         UH for purchase of health and human services contracts. 
HB 787   Relating to Sexually Violent              HLT, JHA/PSM, FIN
         Creates a new law  relating  to sexually violent predators.
         Provides for  commitment  and  annual  examination.  Allows
         petition  for  conditional   release  to  less  restrictive
         alternative or unconditional discharge. 
HB 462   Relating to a Study of Latex Products         HLT, CPC, FIN
         in Hawaii by the Department of Health.
         Requires DOH to conduct  a  study  regarding the nature and
         extent of the  dangers  associated  with  the  use of latex
         products,  the  benefits   of   eliminating  their  use  or
         requiring the use  of  low-protein  latex products, and the
         potential costs of restricting the use of latex products. 
HB 675   Authorizing the Issuance of General           HLT, EDB, FIN
         Obligation Bonds and Making an Appropriation for a Wellness
         Center at 3860 Old Pali Road.
         Authorizes the Director of  Finance  to  issue GO Bonds for
         the planning of a  wellness  center  on State land known as
         the Marks Estate.
HB 379   Relating to Health.                           HLT, EDB, FIN
         Creates the Office  of  Wellness  Industries to coordinate,
         promote,  and  market   wellness,  health,  and  retirement
         industry activities within the State 
HB 203   Making an Appropriation to Develop a          HLT, EDB, FIN
         Neuroscience Industry in the State.
         Appropriates funds for program development.
HB 351   Relating to Privacy of Health Care            HLT, CPC, JHA
         Protects privacy of health  care information by stipulating
         conditions under which information can be disclosed.
HB 781   Relating to Informed Consent.                 HLT, CPC, JHA
         Clarifies the type of information required to be given by a
         provider  to  a  patient  prior  to  obtaining  consent for
         medical treatment.

Decision making to follow.


Tuesday, February 2, 1999
8:30 a.m.
Conference Room 309, State Capitol

 HB 104  Relating to Public Employees Health Fund.          LAB, FIN
         Enables  the  Employer-Union  Trust  Concept  Committee  to
         continue  its  work  to   proceed  with  conversion  to  an
         employer-union  trust  concept   for  administering  public
         employee and retiree health benefits.
HB 762   Relating to Health Fund.                           LAB, FIN
         Entitles the employee-beneficiary  who  is  retired and the
         employee-beneficiary's  spouse  who   participates  in  the
         supplemental Medicare plan of an employee organization, the
         same amount paid by the fund  to those who have enrolled in
         the voluntary medical insurance coverage under the Medicare
HB 1043  Relating to Public Employee Health Fund.           LAB, FIN
         Changes  the  Health  Fund  Administrator's  civil  service
         position to an exempt status.
HB 1038  Relating to Collective Bargaining.                 LAB, FIN
         Provides  fund   authorizations   and   appropriations  for
         collective bargaining cost items for  Units  1, 2, 3, 4, 6,
         8, 8, 9, 10, 13  and their excluded counterparts, including
         the cost of salary adjustments.
HB 564   Relating to Retirement System.                     LAB, FIN
         Allows qualifying ERS  members,  whether noncontributory or
         contributory, to  acquire  military  service  credit  at no
         cost.  Allows qualifying ERS members to purchase additional
         service credits.  Provides  for  refund to members who have
         already bought back military service time.
HB 94    Relating to Retirement System.                     LAB, FIN
         Provides a military  service  credit  of  up  to 4 years to
         qualified retirants of the ERS.
HB 97    Relating to Pension and Retirement.                LAB, FIN
         Adds an additional post retirement allowance after June 30,
HB 146   Relating to Retirement System.                     LAB, FIN
         Establishes  a  defined  contribution  retirement  plan for
         public (b)   A  member's  employer  shall contribute to the
         member's employees.
HB 147   Relating to Retirement System.                     LAB, FIN
         Requires the investment  of  a  minimum level of employees'
         retirement system  funds  in Hawaii's economically-targeted
         investments, subject to minimum and maximum limits.

HB 671   Relating to Pension and Retirement.                LAB, FIN
         Requires the employee's  retirement  system  to recognize a
         division of property pursuant  to  a court order or divorce
         decree affecting the  rights  of  the  persons named in the
         order or decree to  pension,  retirement, or other benefits
         under chapter 88.
HB 763   Relating to Retirement System.                     LAB, FIN
         Allows any class C member of  the ERS who elected to become
         a class C member to reenter class A membership as of 1/1/00
         provided  the  member  returns   all  retirement  and  post
         retirement  contributions,   including  interest,  refunded
         after the election to convert to class C membership, notify
         the board in  writing  by  12/1/99,  and  satisfy all other
         requirements for class A membership.  Also allows any class
         A member to elect to enter class C membership.
HB 1035  Relating to Retirment System.                      LAB, FIN
         Allows the Board of Trustees  to appoint a chief investment
         officer and  an  assistant  administrator  to  serve at the
         pleasure of the Board.
HB 1050  Relating to Retirement System.                     LAB, FIN
         Increase  Board  membership  from  eight  to  nine members.
         Includes a fourth citizen trustee.

Decision making to follow.


Tuesday, February 2, 1999
9:00 a.m.
Conference Room 325, State Capitol


HB 227   Relating to environmental and cultural tourism. TSM,HED,FIN
         Establishes a center for environmental and cultural tourism
         management.  Appropriates $173,000 per year.
HB 827   Relating to public lands.                       TSM,WLU,FIN
         Authorizes the department of  land and natural resources to
         enter into 55-year  leases  for  property within the Banyan
         Drive resort area.
HB 751   Relating to activity providers and activity desks.  TSM,CPC
         Prohibits  activity  desks  from  receiving under-the-table
         compensation  for  selling  a  specific  activity provider;
         requires activity desks to have  both a trust account and a

HB 501   Making an appropriation for the aloha racing
         entry in America's Cup 2000.                        TSM,FIN
         Appropriates funds to  assist  the  Aloha Racing Foundation
         and the department  of  business, economic development, and
         tourism to bring the America's Cup Yacht Race to Hawaii.
HCR 4    Urging  the  United  States  Congress  to  expand  and make
         permanent the  temporary  visa  waiver  program established
         under the immigration control and reform act of 1986.
HR 7     Urging  the  United  States  Congress  to  expand  and make
         permanent the  temporary  visa  waiver  program established
         under the immigration control and reform act of 1986.  

Decision making to follow.


Tuesday, February 2, 1999
9:00 a.m.
Conference Room 312, State Capitol


Decision making only:

HB 424   Relating to forest reserves.                        WLU,FIN
         Provides forest  stewardship  fund    for reforestation and
         maintenance of harvested  plantation  areas; enhancement of
         public forest  reserves;  and  development of environmental
         education and training programs for the public.

HB 423   Making an  appropriation  to  match  federal  funds for the
         Hawaii Forestry and communities initiative.         WLU,FIN
         Appropriates $250,000 for Hawaii forestry and communities

HB 367   Relating to water conservation.                     WLU,FIN
         Establishes  a  credit  against  income  tax  liability for
         taxpayers who  install  water  conservation  equipment that
         results in a 10% reduction in water use. 

HB 183   Relating to hunting.                            WLU,JHA,FIN
         Postpones  for  two  years  the  sunset  date  for allowing
         licensed hunters to hunt with pistols and revolvers.

HB 500   Relating to firearms.                           WLU,JHA,FIN
         Repeals  prohibition  for   non-resident  aliens  to  bring
         firearms into the State under certain conditions. 

HB 204   Relating to public land.                        WLU,JHA,FIN
         Declares that the  government  is  not liable for accidents
         and  injuries  occurring  on  unimproved  public  property;
         requires the state or county  operating a public beach park
         develop and  implement  a  plan  for  warning  of dangerous
         natural conditions; repeals Act 190, SLH 1996.

HB 574   Relating to permit coordination.                WLU,TSM,FIN
         Establishes a 5-year permit  coordination pilot program for
         proposed developments  in  Waikiki.    Provides  for master
         applications, joint  hearings,  and consolidated processing
         of permits  that  must  be  obtained  from  state and local
         agencies before  constructing  or  operating  a  project in

HB 695   Relating to the Land Use Commission.                WLU,JHA
         Specifies that one of the  non-county members of the LUC be
         a representative of OHA. 

HB 710   Relating to the Commission on Water Resource Management.

         Reduces the number of  members  of  the commission on water
         resource management appointed  by  the  governor subject to
         confirmation by the  senate  from  4  to  3.   Requires one
         member of the commission  to  be  a representative from the
         office of Hawaiian affairs.   Reduces the membership of the
         nominating committee from 4 to 3 members.

HB 694   Relating to the Board of Land and Natural Resources.
         Specifies that one of the 2 at-large members of the BLNR be
         a representative of OHA.

HB 699   Making an  appropriation  for  the  residents  of Maunalaha
         Appropriates  funds  for  infrastructure  improvements  for
         Maunalaha lessees.

HB 706   Relating to Homestead Leases.                   WLU,JHA,FIN
         Changes homestead lease  amounts  to  $1.   Eliminates cash
         freehold agreements.

HB 697   Relating to Hawaiian Fishponds.                 WLU,JHA,FIN
         Expands  the  authority  of  the  chair  of  the  office of
         Hawaiian  affairs   to   lease   government-owned  Hawaiian

Decision making to follow.