Honolulu, Hawaii
                                                     , 1999

                                   RE:  S.B. No. 1518

Honorable Norman Mizuguchi
President of the Senate
Twentieth State Legislature
Regular Session of 1999
State of Hawaii


     Your Committee on Ways and Means, to which was referred S.B.
No. 1518 entitled: 


begs leave to report as follows:

     The purpose of this bill is to improve the effectiveness and
efficiency of state government.

     Specifically, this bill requires all state departments and
agencies to submit the following annually to the Legislature
twenty days before the convening of each regular session:

     (1)  Identification of their short- and long-term goals;

     (2)  Objectives and policies specifically setting forth how
          each goal can and will be accomplished;

     (3)  Action plans with a time-table for implementing
          objectives and policies in one, two, and five years;

     (4)  Performance measurements.

     Your Committee finds that government departments should
constantly work toward improving the effectiveness and efficiency

a                                                     SB1518
                                   STAND. COM. REP. NO. 740
                                   Page 2

of our government.  Strategic planning and development of goals
and objectives are essential for more efficient and productive
operations for government agencies.

     Your Committee further finds that the development of goals
and objectives is essential for departments and agencies to
determine priorities, guide their decisions, and measure the
effectiveness of their programs and services.

     Your Committee also finds that goals and objectives assist
the Legislature in evaluating the budgetary needs of departments
and agencies, and therefore every state agency and department
should submit their goals and objectives to the Legislature every

     As affirmed by the record of votes of the members of your
Committee on Ways and Means that is attached to this report, your
Committee is in accord with the intent and purpose of S.B. No.
1518 and recommends that it pass Third Reading.

                                 Respectfully submitted on behalf
                                 of the members of the Committee
                                 on Ways and Means,

                                 CAROL FUKUNAGA, Co-Chair

                                 ANDREW LEVIN, Co-Chair

a                                                     SB1518