FLOOR AMENDMENT NO. 9                    DATE: March 9, 199      

TO:  S.B. No. 1501, S.D. 2

     Senate Bill No. 1501, S.D. 2, is amended as follows:

     1.  By designating Sections 1 to 8 as "Part I".

     2.  By adding a new Part II, consisting of Sections 9 to 11,
to read as follows:

                            "PART II.

     SECTION 9.  Recent studies have found that quality early
child care and education services have a dramatic long-term
effect on a child's ability to succeed in school, achieve
economically, and avoid the criminal justice system.  Early child
care also benefits the current work force as well, by affecting
economic initiatives, productivity of workers, and the success of
state welfare-to-work initiatives.  The legislature finds that it
is important to create new opportunities for early childhood
development and education.
     The legislature further finds that these centers are
particularly important in low income neighborhoods, serving as a
safe and nurturing place where parents can meet to talk,
volunteer their services, hold regular meetings about school
activities and curriculum, as well as attend classes themselves.
     The purpose of this Part is to appropriate funds to develop
an early childhood development and education center for infants
and children up to four years of age in the Kalihi area of
Honolulu.  In developing this center, the department of education
shall draw on the partnerships already developed between
Farrington high school, the University of Hawai`i college of
education, VISTA tutors, partners from the community, private
businesses, organizations, foundations, and parents.

     SECTION 10.  There is appropriated out of the general
revenues of the State of Hawaii the sum of $          , or so
much thereof as may be necessary for fiscal year 1999-2000, to
develop an early childhood education center for infants and
children up to four years of age in the Kalihi area of Honolulu.

     SECTION 11.  The sum appropriated shall be expended by the
department of education for the purposes of this part."

     3.  By redesignating Sections 9 and 10 as Sections 12 and
13, and designating those Sections as "Part III".
FLOOR AMENDMENT NO.__________________                      Page 2

     4.  By amending the new Section 13 to read as follows:

     "SECTION 13.  This Act shall take effect upon approval;
provided that Part II of this Act shall take effect on July 1,

Offered by:_____________________       (    ) Carried

                                       (    ) Failed to Carry

                                       (    ) Withdrawn