THE SENATE                           S.C.R. NO.            217
TWENTIETH LEGISLATURE, 1999                                
STATE OF HAWAII                                            

                    SENATE  CONCURRENT


 1        WHEREAS, Honokohau is located on the Kona Coast, and has
 2   over one hundred twenty businesses in the area, including over
 3   eighty-five percent of the charter fishing fleet in the State;
 4   and
 6        WHEREAS, the Honokohau Marina Board was originally elected
 7   by over four hundred fifty concerned boaters and currently
 8   represents over two hundred fifty slip holders and the ocean
 9   recreation community of West Hawaii; and
11        WHEREAS, the Honokohau Marina Board has a number of
12   concerns that the Board believes keep the harbor from
13   functioning as efficiently and economically as possible; and
15        WHEREAS, one of the concerns of greatest importance to the
16   Board and to the boating community is the continuing high
17   incidence of theft and vandalism of vessels and businesses in
18   Honokohau Marina; and
20        WHEREAS, a recent community effort with the Department of
21   Land and Natural Resources and the Kona police have had only
22   limited positive results with nightly patrols; and
24        WHEREAS, an additional concern of the Honokohau Marina
25   Board is that the rules governing the Honokohau Harbor are
26   unnecessarily complicated, lengthy, and subject to lack of
27   enforcement as a result; and
29        WHEREAS, the Board has requested information and
30   involvement in rewriting the rules to bring them in line with
31   rules for comparable marinas in other states, and to simplify
32   and shorten the rules to ensure better compliance; and
34        WHEREAS, the Honokohau Marina Board is also concerned
35   about the state of road repair and paving at the Honokohau
36   Harbor, as well as other maintenance of the facilities; and

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                                  S.C.R. NO.            217

 1        WHEREAS, with new management personnel, and in cooperation
 2   with the Kona Outdoor Circle and the Honokohau Marina Board,
 3   conditions have improved and the harbor has taken on a much
 4   revitalized aspect; and
 6        WHEREAS, further expansion and development of Honokohau
 7   Harbor is in the economic interests of both the Kona area, and
 8   the State as a whole, attracting more visitors and businesses
 9   to the Big Island; now, therefore,
11        BE IT RESOLVED by the Senate of the Twentieth Legislature
12   of the State of Hawaii, Regular Session of 1999, the House of
13   Representatives concurring, that improvements in security at
14   Honokohau Marina, simplified rules governing the Honokohau
15   Harbor, and improved maintenance of the Honokohau Harbor are
16   urged, for betterment of the harbor and for the corresponding
17   economic improvements to the Kona area that will result; and
19        BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the Chairperson of the Board
20   of Land and Natural Resources report on the progress in meeting
21   the requests in this Concurrent Resolution to the legislature
22   twenty days before the Regular Session of 2000; and
24        BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that certified copies of this
25   Concurrent Resolution be transmitted to the Chairperson of the
26   Board of Land and Natural Resources, the Director of
27   Transportation, the Mayor of the County of Hawaii, and
28   President of the Honokohau Marina Board.
32                         OFFERED BY:  ____________________________