THE SENATE                           S.C.R. NO.                 198
TWENTIETH LEGISLATURE, 1999                                
STATE OF HAWAII                                            

                     SENATE CONCURRENT

 1        WHEREAS, the America's Cup is the oldest trophy in the
 2   history of United States sports, first awarded to commemorate
 3   the victory of the U.S. yacht "America" over fifteen British
 4   competitors in the first race off England's Isle of Wight in
 5   1851; and
 7        WHEREAS, since the first official challenge from England's
 8   Royal Thames Yacht Club in 1870, for one hundred thirteen years
 9   the prowess of American sailors withstood repeated challenges
10   by foreign yachtsmen, a sporting record that is unlikely ever
11   to be broken; and
13        WHEREAS, there has been a dramatically increased interest
14   of Americans in the sport of yacht racing in the years since
15   the unprecedented American defeat by Australia in the 1983
16   America's Cup Challenge; and
18        WHEREAS, the Australian defense of the cup in America's
19   Cup XXVI in Perth, Australia in 1987 attracted the largest
20   field of competition in the history of the event, and was
21   broadcast to a worldwide television audience for the first
22   time; and
24        WHEREAS, Team New Zealand from the Royal New Zealand Yacht
25   Squadron defeated the Americans in America's Cup XXIX in San
26   Diego, California in 1995, taking the cup out of the United
27   States for only the second time in its history; and
29        WHEREAS, the next challenge, America's Cup XXX, is due to
30   take place in the "City of Sails", Auckland, New Zealand, with
31   the preliminary qualifying races beginning in October, 1999,
32   and the finals taking place in February, 2000; and
34        WHEREAS, the 100,000 or more visitors expected to be
35   present in Auckland, New Zealand, including over 1,000 members
36   of the media from the United States and around the world, will

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                                  S.C.R. NO.            198

 1   witness Hawaii's first entry in America's Cup competition; and
 3        WHEREAS, America's Cup XXX will be broadcast in the United
 4   States on ESPN, with over eighty hours of coverage reaching
 5   40,000,000 households nationwide, and also broadcast in nine
 6   foreign countries with a total of more than seven hundred hours
 7   of coverage potentially reaching more than one billion people;
 8   and
10        WHEREAS, the Aloha Racing Foundation, officially sponsored
11   by the Waikiki Yacht Club and others, issued Hawaii's
12   first-ever official challenge for the America's Cup to the
13   Royal New Zealand Yacht Squadron, and engaged the renowned core
14   design team of Andy Dovell and Ian Burns to design its two
15   vessels, which are currently being constructed at Ko Olina
16   marina on Oahu; and
18        WHEREAS, Aloha Racing's two-vessel program positions the
19   team as a strong contender for America's Cup XXX; and
21        WHEREAS, much of the composite materials technology
22   utilized in the construction of these yachts has heretofore not
23   been known or available in Hawaii, but will greatly enhance the
24   knowledge and the expertise of the Hawaii-based marine
25   professionals currently employed by Aloha Racing; and
27        WHEREAS, Aloha Racing's yachts, with hulls painted by
28   internationally-renowned environmental marine artist and Hawaii
29   resident, Wyland, will be a major media focus before, during,
30   and after America's Cup XXX; and
32        WHEREAS, Hawaii's official entry in America's Cup XXX,
33   Abracadabra 2000, will be christened in May, 1999, at Ko Olina
34   marina; and
36        WHEREAS, the Aloha Racing Foundation has named four-time
37   America's Cup veteran and Olympic medalist John Kolius as
38   skipper of Abracadabra 2000; and
40        WHEREAS, the Aloha Racing Foundation has attracted such
41   major corporate sponsors as HealthSouth Corporation and P&O
42   Nedlloyd, has raised millions of dollars in cash and in-kind

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                                  S.C.R. NO.            198

 1   sponsorship funding, including donations from over fifty
 2   Hawaii-based businesses, and is aggressively seeking the
 3   additional corporate and private sponsorship funds necessary to
 4   fully fund its campaign to return the America's Cup to the
 5   United States in general, and the State of Hawaii in
 6   particular; and
 8        WHEREAS, Aloha Racing's presence in Hawaii will bring
 9   $3,000,000 in revenues to the State of Hawaii in the form of
10   construction crew training, and office and staff expenditures,
11   and will generate an additional $400,000 in revenues from
12   sponsor and supporter spending between September 1998, and
13   August 1999; and
15        WHEREAS, Aloha Racing has actively promoted Hawaii and the
16   team's Hawaii-based sponsors in its monthly newsletters and on
17   its official Internet site,, to more than 3,000
18   people each month; and
20        WHEREAS, Aloha Racing, with its team based at Ko Olina and
21   training off the south shore of Oahu, has provided and will
22   continue to provide a unique visibility for the State of
23   Hawaii; and
25        WHEREAS, the State of Hawaii will be the primary
26   beneficiary of Aloha Racing's participation in America's Cup
27   XXX, and as a sponsor would benefit by an estimated $10,000,000
28   in media exposure between now and the end of America's Cup XXX;
29   and
31        WHEREAS, if the Aloha Racing Challenge Team's attempt to
32   win America's Cup XXX in Auckland, New Zealand proves
33   successful, Honolulu will become the host city for the next
34   challenge, America's Cup XXXI, in 2003; and
36        WHEREAS, Honolulu's role as host of one of the premier
37   sporting events in the world could realize a potential
38   financial gain to Hawaii of several billion dollars from team
39   and visitor spending, as well enormous worldwide publicity;
40   now, therefore,
42        BE IT RESOLVED by the Senate of the Twentieth Legislature

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                                  S.C.R. NO.            198

 1   of the State of Hawaii, Regular Session of 1999, the House of
 2   Representatives concurring, that the people of Hawaii extend
 3   their support to the Aloha Racing Foundation, its sponsors, and
 4   the Waikiki Yacht Club, in their endeavor to bring the
 5   America's Cup home to the United States and to establish Hawaii
 6   as the premier yacht racing capital of the world; and
 8        BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the Department of Business,
 9   Economic Development, and Tourism and the Hawaii Tourism
10   Authority support to the greatest extent possible the efforts
11   of the Aloha Racing Foundation, its sponsors, and the Waikiki
12   Yacht Club, in order to ensure success and the appropriate
13   promotion of Hawaii's first-time challenge for the America's
14   Cup; and
16        BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that certified copies of this
17   Concurrent Resolution be transmitted to the Director of
18   Business, Economic Development, and Tourism, the Executive
19   Director of the Hawaii Tourism Authority, the Aloha Racing
20   Foundation, and the Waikiki Yacht Club.
24                         OFFERED BY:  ____________________________