THE SENATE                           S.C.R. NO.            185
TWENTIETH LEGISLATURE, 1999                                
STATE OF HAWAII                                            

                    SENATE  CONCURRENT


 1       WHEREAS, prior to contact with Western civilization,
 2   Moku`ula was considered as the axis mundi or "piko" (center) of
 3   spiritual and political power among the highest ranking ali`i
 4   of Hawai`i; and
 6       WHEREAS, it is at Moku`ula, at the den known as Kalua `O
 7   Kiha (The Pit of Kiha), that the deified mo`o goddess,
 8   Kihawahine, the progenitor of the Pi`ilani Line of Maui chiefs,
 9   lives; and
11       WHEREAS, Loko O Mokuhinia (Fishpond of Mokuhinia) served as
12   a natural moat surrounding Moku`ula, was stocked with the
13   Ali`i's favorite fish and lo`i kalo (taro field), and fed by
14   the streams of Kau`aula and Pahumanamana; and
16       WHEREAS, Moku`ula and Loko O Mokuhinia was home to and
17   sacred retreat for the Kings and Queens of Hawai`i up to the
18   time of Kamehameha V; and
20       WHEREAS, it was at Moku`ula that Keopuolani, Nahiena`ena
21   and the children of Kauikeauoli (King Kamehameha III) were laid
22   to rest along with many other ali`i in a mausoleum built
23   especially for them; and
25       WHEREAS, these royal crown lands were confiscated by the
26   Republic of Hawai`i, then ceded to the United States of America
27   at the time of Annexation, then returned back to the State of
28   Hawai`i at the time of statehood and eventually became the
29   responsibility of the County of Maui through an executive
30   order; and
32       WHEREAS, diversion of water from the streams that fed Loko
33   O Mokuhinia eventually led to the filling of the loko and the
34   establishment of a county ball park; and 

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                                  S.C.R. NO.            185

 1       WHEREAS, recent events, including an archaeological site
 2   study, show that Moku`ula and Loko O Mokuhinia, connecting
 3   pathways, and an old pier located on the island remain intact;
 4   and
 6       WHEREAS, because of this information, there is
 7   significantly increased interest in restoring and preserving
 8   Moku`ula and Loko O Mokuhinia for the purposes of educating and
 9   preserving the historical and spiritual significance of this
10   place; and 
12       WHEREAS, a community-based non-profit organization known as
13   Friends of Moku`ula, Inc., has been created to conduct
14   activities that will lead to the restoration and preservation
15   of Moku`ula and Loko O Mokuhinia and all other related sites;
16   now, therefore,  
18       BE IT RESOLVED by the Senate of the Twentieth Legislature
19   of the State of Hawai`i, Regular Session of 1999, the House of
20   Representatives concurring, that we encourage and support the
21   efforts of the Hawaiian community; particularly the Friends of
22   Moku`ula to conduct activities that will allow for the
23   restoration of Moku`ula and Loko O Mokuhinia and all other
24   related sites so that all may learn and understand the basic
25   principles and beliefs of the Hawaiian people; and
27       BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the Senate of the Twentieth
28   Legislature of the State of Hawai`i, Regular Session of 1999,
29   encourage the County of Maui to work in concert with the
30   Friends of Moku`ula to resolve any land issues regarding the
31   area now known as Maluuluolele Park and to further work with
32   the Friends of Moku`ula to address any other concerns regarding
33   the restoration of Moku`ula and Loko O Mokuhinia; and 
35       BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that certified copies of this
36   Concurrent Resolution be transmitted to the Friends of
37   Moku`ula, the Mayor of the County of Maui, each member of the
38   Maui County Council, the Governor of the State of Hawai`i and
39   each member of the Hawai`i Congressional Delegation.
43                         OFFERED BY:  ____________________________