Kauai; CIPs

Authorizes the issuance of general obligation bonds for capital
improvement projects for Kauai county.

THE SENATE                              S.B. NO.           75
TWENTIETH LEGISLATURE, 1999                                
STATE OF HAWAII                                            

                   A  BILL  FOR  AN  ACT



 1      SECTION 1.  The director of finance is authorized to issue
 2 general obligations bonds in the sum of $3,665,000 or so much
 3 thereof as may be necessary, and the same sum, or so much thereof
 4 as may be necessary, is appropriated for fiscal years 1999-2000
 5 and 2000-2001, for the following projects for the county of
 6 Kauai:
 7                                                      FY 1999-2000
 8 A.   Solid waste facilities                              $700,000
 9      (Plans new disposal facility $200,000)            (matching)
10      (Land acquisition auto recycle center $500,000)
11      New solid waste disposal facility
12      Phase II of the Kekaha landfill opened for operation on
13 October 8, 1993 with a design capacity to accept approximately
14 536,000 tons of solid waste.  A vertical expansion within the
15 existing footprint is expected to add five years capacity to the
16 landfill, assuming normal waste stream conditions.  Although the
17 county of kauai is actively engaged in waste diversion efforts
18 such as reuse and recycling, the normal waste stream consists of

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                                     S.B. NO.           75

 1 approximately 77,000 solid waste tons a year.  A natural disaster
 2 would create abnormal waste stream conditions, approximately
 3 221,000 tons (forty per cent of the capacity) of Hurricane Iniki
 4 debris was landfilled at phase II during four years following the
 5 disaster.
 6      Landfilling is the primary means of disposal on Kauai.  With
 7 the implementation of Subtitle D of RCRA, costs and liabilities
 8 associated with landfilling have escalated significantly
 9 (approximately $118 per ton of waste landfilled).  Future waste
10 disposal capacity must be developed to meet the solid waste
11 disposal needs of the island of Kauai.  Funding is required for:
12 planning studies, land acquisition, design and permitting, and
13 construction to have a future landfill capacity on-line when the
14 Kekaha landfill phase II reaches capacity.  Planning studies
15 include a site survey, a feasibility study, and the required
16 environmental assessments and impact statement.  The county has
17 initiated an island-wide site survey and feasibility study for a
18 sanitary landfill, estimated at a cost of $50,000.  Once
19 legislative approvals are received, the planning studies may be
20 completed with the land acquisition, design and permitting, and
21 construction to follow.

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                                     S.B. NO.           75

 1      Puhi auto recycling center
 2      Due to the State's closing of the only permitted junk
 3 vehicles site--Masterworks, the expansion of the Lihue runway,
 4 Kauai has no alternative but to develop its own auto recycling
 5 center.  There is an urgent need for a permanent facility to
 6 constantly process junked vehicles generated on Kauai since
 7 Masterworks shut down in January 1996.  Accumulation and
 8 intermittent processing of junked vehicles is an inadequate long-
 9 term method of handling Kauai's junked vehicles disposal needs.
10 The department of health temporary junked vehicles storage site
11 permits also require progress on the establishment of a long-term
12 junked vehicles processing site or temporary storage permits will
13 be revoked.  The county plans to develop an "auto recycling
14 center" to serve as a permanent site for processing junked
15 vehicles, white goods, and other scrap metals.  The facility will
16 exemplify recycling and enable an efficient and economical means
17 to ship junked vehicles, white goods, and scrap metals to
18 recycling companies.  The facilities would also promote reuse.
19 Further development plans include a salvage operation to remove
20 reusable auto parts prior to processing the junked vehicles.
21 B.   Waimea sewer system                                 $425,000
22      (Construction effluent injection
23      well and facilities plan update)                  (matching)

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                                     S.B. NO.           75

 1      Chapter 62, wastewater systems of the department of health's
 2 administrative rules, title II, requires that public wastewater
 3 treatment works initiate facilities planning work when the actual
 4 flow at the treatment plans reaches seventy-five per cent of the
 5 design capacity.  The wastewater flows to the Waimea wastewater
 6 treatment plant is approaching ninety per cent of design
 7 capacity.  Facilities planning work for an expansion of the
 8 facility has been initiated.  There are proposed developments in
 9 the area which will require additional capacity at the sewer
10 treatment plant.  The facilities plan may need to be revised to
11 include Kikiaola's proposed master planned land use change.  The
12 existing collector sewer lines within Waimea need to be inspected
13 and repaired as necessary.  With the somewhat high water table,
14 excessive infiltration will cause additional plant capacity
15 problems.
16 C.   Kauai civic center - phase III-A                    $640,000
17      (Plans, construction)                             (matching)
18      Phase III-A of the civic center renovations involves partial
19 renovation of the former Gem's building.  Phase III will provide
20 office space for the remaining county administrative agencies
21 that are to be relocated to the civic center.  Phase III-B will
22 provide office space for council agencies.  Phase IV will

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                                     S.B. NO.           75

 1 encompass a master plan and design for a total Kauai civic center
 2 that will eventually include all state and county buildings
 3 between Hardy and Rice streets and Kuhio highway and Umi street.
 4 Site and facilities development will incorporate site
 5 improvements within the entire complex, including a new parking
 6 layout, extensive landscaping, traffic pattern renovations and
 7 utility improvements.  Facilities to be improved will involve the
 8 Lihue shopping center structure, the historic county building,
 9 and the county building annex I.
10 D.   Kapaa ball park lighting                            $250,000
11      (Construction)                                    (matching)
12      This project involves the construction of a recreational
13 field lighting system for the Kapaa new park football/soccer
14 field.  Plans and design for the lighting system is in progress.
15 Once completed, the county can re-direct recreational play from
16 the frequently used Vidinha stadium complex to the Kapaa new park
17 ball fields.
18 E.   Hanapepe stadium sports complex                     $500,000
19      (Relocation of little league field, parking,
20      food booth, comfort station and storage room)     (matching)
21      The Hanapepe sports complex serves as the regional sports
22 facility for the west Kauai, particularly in the sports of

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                                     S.B. NO.           75

 1 football and baseball.  Stadium lights improvements are necessary
 2 to accommodate school events.  In recent years, additional areas
 3 within the site were cleared of over-growth and grassed, as part
 4 of the expansion of the complex.  The proposed project completes
 5 the improvements called for under the master plan.
 6 F.   Wailua/Kapaa sewer system                         $1,000,000
 7      (Effluent filter upgrade)                         (matching)
 8      Facilities plan for the Kapaa sewerage system concluded that
 9 the cost effective initial phase consists of treating wastewater
10 flows from the Kapaa town area (Mahelona hospital to coconut
11 plantation market place) at the existing Wailua wastewater
12 treatment plant.  The interceptor project, within Kuhio highway
13 was recently completed.  Plans and construction of collector
14 sewers for the rest of the Kapaa town sub-area will continue
15 implementation of the facility plan.  Effluent from the Wailua
16 wastewater treatment plant will be used to irrigate the county's
17 Wailua golf course pursuant to the department of health's policy
18 for reuse of effluent.  To ensure that the effluent meets R-2
19 quality for irrigation purposes, the existing filter must be
20 replaced.  Coco Palms pump station must be upgraded and a relief
21 sewer line to the treatment plant constructed to minimize
22 potential for raw sewage spills.  To plan for the long term

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                                     S.B. NO.           75

 1 beyond the year 2005, ideally in concert with a general plan
 2 update, a new Wailua-Kapaa wastewater facilities plan must be
 3 programmed.
 4 G.   Drainage master plan                                $150,000
 5      (Kapaa/Wailua area)                               (matching)
 6      The county comprehensive zoning ordinance requires the
 7 development of a detailed drainage masterplan to supplement the
 8 general plan.  With the completion of the masterplan, a sound
 9 capital improvement program can be formulated.  Also, the
10 masterplan will be useful for various agencies in their review of
11 new subdivision and building developments.  The drainage
12 masterplan will include boundaries of watersheds one hundred
13 acres or larger, stream capacities, limitations on existing
14 channel capacities, proposed channel modifications, and new
15 drainage facilities and appurtenances.  The first step to prepare
16 and develop ortho-photo maps for the urban areas of Kauai has
17 been completed.  The second step is to develop a drainage design
18 manual to replace the storm drainage standards in use today.
19      SECTION 2.  The appropriations made for capital improvement
20 projects authorized in this Act shall not lapse at the end of the
21 fiscal biennium for which the appropriation is made; provided
22 that all appropriations which are unencumbered as of June 30,
23 2002, shall lapse as of that date.

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                                     S.B. NO.           75

 1      SECTION 3.  The sum appropriated shall be expended by the
 2 county of Kauai for the purposes of this Act.
 3      SECTION 4.  This Act shall take effect on July 1, 1999.
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