HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES             H.C.R. NO.            
TWENTIETH LEGISLATURE, 1999                                
STATE OF HAWAII                                            

                     HOUSE CONCURRENT


 1       WHEREAS, Hawaii is unique in all the world because it has
 2   integrated a wide variety of cultures, and serves as a model of
 3   cultural diversity; and
 5       WHEREAS, for this reason, Hawaii has been selected as the
 6   site for the Millennium Young People's Congress (Congress),
 7   which will be hosted by U.S. youths on October 21-29, 1999,
 8   convening one thousand youths, ages fifteen to eighteen years
 9   of age, from every country on earth as a climax to a global
10   education program to improve the quality of life on our planet;
11   and 
13       WHEREAS, the Congress is part of a series of activities to
14   develop international youth leaders, beginning in January,
15   1999, as youths around the world discuss the issues of concern
16   to them, then select two youth delegates to the Congress;
18       WHEREAS, youth delegates to the Congress will meet with
19   fifty adult mentors and United Nations dignitaries to determine
20   priorities for sustaining and improving life in the Third
21   Millennium, after which the results will be presented to
22   government, business, and community leaders in every nation
23   represented by these young people; and
25       WHEREAS, one of the sponsoring agencies of the Millennium
26   Young People's Congress is Peace Child International, which has
27   created a project called Rescue Mission Planet Earth to put the
28   Rio Earth Summit Agenda 21 into a language that young people
29   can understand and act upon, and currently youths in 120
30   countries are actively monitoring progress on its
31   implementation; and
33       WHEREAS, the Congress is also sponsored by Green Globe and
34   endorsed by UNESCO and other U.N. agencies; and
36       WHEREAS, the Millennium Host Committee of volunteers
37   includes Honorary Chairperson, Senator Daniel K. Inouye, with
38   the Hawaii Community Services Council as the umbrella
39   organization for the committee; and

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                                  H.C.R. NO.            

 1       WHEREAS, the Millennium Young People's Congress will bring
 2   Hawaii to the forefront of international visibility as a state
 3   that is integrating diverse cultures, the concerns of the
 4   indigenous Hawaiian population, and the concept of
 5   sustainability into a vision for the state; now, therefore,
 7       BE IT RESOLVED by the House of Representatives of the
 8   Twentieth Legislature of the State of Hawaii, Regular Session
 9   of 1999, the Senate concurring, that the Legislature expresses
10   its support of the Millennium Young People's Congress; and
12       BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that certified copies of this
13   Concurrent Resolution be transmitted to Senator Daniel K.
14   Inouye and the Executive Director of the Hawaii Community
15   Services Council.
19                         OFFERED BY:  ____________________________