HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES             H.C.R. NO.            H.D. 1
TWENTIETH LEGISLATURE, 1999                                
STATE OF HAWAII                                            

                     HOUSE  CONCURRENT


 1        WHEREAS, Hawaii's economic base can be diversified and
 2   strengthened through the development of its biotechnology
 3   industry which generates high paying jobs and high value
 4   products; and
 6        WHEREAS, Hawaii must establish a niche where it can
 7   maintain an advantage in the competitive and growing
 8   biotechnology industry; and
10        WHEREAS, favorable climate and ocean conditions make
11   Hawaii one of the world's premier sites for marine and
12   agricultural biotechnology research and product development;
13   and
15        WHEREAS, Hawaii's strategic geographical location and
16   culture can facilitate the global marketing of biotechnology
17   expertise and products; and
19        WHEREAS, there are many highly-regarded institutions in
20   the State that can contribute their expertise, knowledge, and
21   resources to develop a strong biotechnology industry in Hawaii,
22   such as:
24        (1)  The University of Hawaii College of Tropical
25             Agriculture and Human Resources (CTAHR), which is
26             internationally recognized for its agricultural
27             biotechnology research, including floriculture, plant
28             tissue culture, and genetically-engineered caffeine-
29             free coffee and disease-resistant tropical fruits;
30             and
32        (2)  The University of Hawaii School of Ocean and Earth
33             Science and Technology (SOEST), which is
34             internationally-recognized for its eminence in ocean
35             sciences and is a candidate for designation by the
36             National Science Foundation as a Marine Bioproducts
37             Engineering Center;

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                                  H.C.R. NO.            H.D. 1

 2   and
 4        WHEREAS, several biotechnology companies have emerged in
 5   the State, including Neugenesis, Integrated Coffee Technologies
 6   Incorporated, Aquasearch, Cyanotech, and Mauna Kea
 7   Nutraceuticals, and major multinational corporations, including
 8   Monsanto, Cargill, Novartis, and Dekalb Genetics Corporation
 9   which conduct plant genetic research in Hawaii; and 
11        WHEREAS, the international accounting firm of Ernst and
12   Young has estimated that the current world market for
13   biotechnology is $170 billion; and 
15        WHEREAS, the Department of Business, Economic Development,
16   and Tourism (DBEDT) and CTAHR have concluded that the
17   biotechnology industry has the potential for rapid growth over
18   the next decade and can be a major new industry for Hawaii; and
20        WHEREAS, however, barriers to the development of the
21   biotechnology industry in Hawaii exist, and these barriers must
22   be addressed if Hawaii is to take full advantage of the
23   potential that biotechnology offers; and
25        WHEREAS, recognizing the potential of biotechnology,
26   DBEDT, CTAHR, and the Department of Agriculture (DOA) have
27   sponsored a highly successful agriculture and marine
28   biotechnology conference that featured international, national,
29   and local specialists in biotechnology research and industry
30   development; and 
32        WHEREAS, a coordinated and concerted effort involving
33   government agencies, academia, and the private sector is
34   necessary for the State to succeed in establishing a
35   significant biotechnology industry; now, therefore,
37        BE IT RESOLVED by the House of Representatives of the
38   Twentieth Legislature of the State of Hawaii, Regular Session
39   of 1999, the Senate concurring, that DBEDT work in conjunction
40   with the University of Hawaii, CTAHR, SOEST, DOA, and
41   appropriate private sector firms to develop strategies and
42   coordinate initiatives to facilitate the growth and development
43   of Hawaii's biotechnology industry, including the
44   identification of barriers to development and ways in which
45   these barriers can be overcome or eliminated; and 

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                                  H.C.R. NO.            H.D. 1

 1        BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the University of Hawaii
 2   coordinate its programs involved with biotechnology research
 3   and development to enhance recognition of the programs and to
 4   facilitate industry development efforts; and
 6        BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that DBEDT, in conjunction with the
 7   agencies listed above, is requested to submit a report of the
 8   actions to facilitate the growth of Hawaii's biotechnology
 9   industry to the Legislature no later than twenty days before
10   the convening of the Regular Session of 2000; and
12        BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that certified copies of this
13   Concurrent Resolution be transmitted to the Director of DBEDT,
14   the Director of DOA, the President of the University of Hawaii,
15   the Dean of CTAHR, and the Dean of SOEST.