Report Title: Emancipation of Minors; Family Court
Description: Expands the original jurisdiction of family court to include proceedings for declaration of emancipation of minors. Expands the circumstances under which a minor shall be deemed to be emancipated to include minors on active duty with the Armed Forces of the United States and upon issuance of a declaration of emancipation by the family court. Specifies the rights of an emancipated minor. Allows a minor who has reached the age of sixteen years to petition the family court for a declaration of emancipation. Requires the court to take certain actions regarding investigation of the petition for declaration of emancipation, including appointment of a guardian ad litem and legal counsel for the petitioning minor, and the findings necessary to grant the petition. Requires the court to order the minor's parents or legal guardian to pay for any services ordered by the court for the petition. Allows certain parties to petition the family court for voidance or rescission of a declaration of emancipation. Allows parties to appeal the court's decision to the intermediate court of appeals.
Package: None
Current Referral: HHS, JDC
Introducer(s): SAN BUENAVENTURA, Dela Cruz, Wakai

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1/25/2023SReferred to HHS, JDC.
1/20/2023SPassed First Reading.

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