Report Title: Firearms; Licenses; Registration; Enforcement; Insurance
Description: Amends, clarifies, and enacts provisions of chapter 134, Hawaii Revised Statutes (HRS); amends section 707-716, HRS; and amends and clarifies section 846-2.7(b), HRS. Amends and enacts requirements and processes regarding permits to acquire and licenses to carry a firearm; updates criteria governing when firearm ownership, possession, or control is prohibited; identifies locations within the State where carrying or possessing firearms is prohibited; requires a person carrying a firearm pursuant to a license to have in the person's immediate possession the license and documentary evidence that the firearm being carried is registered; requires a person carrying a firearm in public pursuant to a license to maintain insurance coverage; requires that when a person carrying a firearm is stopped by a law enforcement officer or is a driver or passenger in a vehicle stopped by a law enforcement officer, the person shall immediately disclose to the law enforcement officer that the person is carrying a firearm and, upon request, identify the specific location of the firearm and present to the law enforcement officer a license or credentials to carry a firearm; prohibits leaving an unsecured firearm in a vehicle unattended; prohibits consuming or being under the influence of alcohol or intoxicating liquor or a controlled substance while carrying a firearm; prohibits carrying a firearm on private property open to the public without express authorization; and amends, clarifies, and enacts other provisions relating to firearms. Provides that criminal history record checks may be conducted by county police departments on applicants for licenses to carry a pistol or revolver and ammunition pursuant to section 134-9, HRS.
Companion:  HB984
Package: Governor
Current Referral: PSM, JDC
Introducer(s): KOUCHI (Introduced by request of another party)

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1/30/2023SReferred to PSM, JDC.
1/25/2023SPassed First Reading.

S = Senate | H = House | D = Data Systems | $ = Appropriation measure | ConAm = Constitutional Amendment

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